Axis Communications

Axis Communications


Farsight has worked closely with the Axis team since 2000. We are also an Axis Partner Network member, giving us access to local support and expertise from a trusted team of security systems professionals. As a leading central monitoring station in the UK having this accessibility is crucial to being able to maintain the high standards that we are renowned for.

Farsight works extremely hard to stay at the cutting edge of security systems, software and technology innovation to continue to position Farsight at the sharp end of the remote security monitoring sector in the UK.  Joel Babb, Farsight’s CTO says this about Axis Communications:

“The Farsight team regularly visit the Axis Communications demo suite and R&D department at their HQ in Sweden. We trust the dependability of Axis Communications products and because of this they are our go-to products for testing AI and analytics technologies.”

So who are Axis Communications?

About Axis Communications

Founded in Sweden in 1984, Axis Communications has since established a local presence in 50+ countries around the world, employing 3,646 people and achieving sales revenues of 1.3 billion USD. It is now also part of the Canon group.

Axis Communications aims to add new dimensions for a smart and safer world by combining intelligent technology and human imagination. Axis offers solutions based on sight, sound and analytics to improve security and optimize business performance.

Axis Communications product range

The Axis Communications range of network video solutions includes cameras and encoders, VMS and recorders, analytics and applications reduce costs, ensure scalability and simplify integration. Farsight outlines some of these in more detail below:

Video surveillance solutions

Axis Communications offers a wide range of network video surveillance solutions including network CCTV cameras and encoders, Video Management Software and recorders, analytics and applications. An IP-based portfolio  ensures scalability and simplifies integration. These video surveillance solutions include:

Axis Fixed box CCTV cameras

Axis Fixed Box Cameras


Fixed box CCTV cameras from Axis offer deterrence in any environment providing a clearly visible fixed angle of view, making it easy to see exactly where they’re pointing and allowing you to record a precisely defined area.

Axis PTZ CCTV Cameras

Axis PTZ cctv cameras


Axis PTZ network cameras deliver real time movement and control using pan, tilt and zoom to provide both wide-area coverage and great detail with a single camera. Great image quality and the ability to zoom in make it possible to verify detected security events.

The cameras are equipped with a variety of intelligent features and can move between pre-set positions and zoom in automatically in response to detected events. They can also be easily integrated into a system with other cameras. Axis offers a wide range to suit any security requirement or environment including the amazing Axis Q87 Bispectral PTZ Network Camera which incorporates thermal and visual surveillance in one camera unit, and with one IP address address this camera gives the benefit of long-distance thermal detection, visual identification and PTZ capabilities.

Axis Fixed Bullet CCTV Cameras

Axis Fixed Bullet CCTV cameras


Axis Fixed Bullet CCTV cameras are ideal for all-purpose surveillance around the clock and with their small, slim design they look great in any environment. With built in IR illuminations and high resolution video quality, they do a great job at helping you protect your premises indoors and out.

Axis Fixed Dome CCTV cameras

Axis fixed dome cctv cameras


Fixed dome cameras from Axis are compact cameras with a dome casing, ideal for discreet surveillance in any environment. They fit unobtrusively into any setting. Their dome casings, which protect against redirection, defocusing and impact, also disguise which way the cameras are pointing. Axis offers an extensive range of fixed dome models for indoor and outdoor use, covering every kind of environment and security requirement  – day and night.

The Axis range of Fixed Dome cameras encompasses everything from 180 degree panoramic coverage,  multi-directional and varifocal to wide angle with IR.

Axis Positioning CCTV Cameras



Axis Positioning cameras offer unobstructed views in every direction, delivering the most comprehensive field of view possible.  These can be mounted on walls, poles, or columns to provide a panoramic view of 360 degrees and a ground to sky view of 135 degrees.

They offer both high-speed and ultra-slow, jerk-free pan and tilt movements thanks to the unique Axis drive-train design with its customized motor-control logic. This enables camera operators to pinpoint any spot in an instant or run guard tour with smooth panoramic viewing. In addition, Axis positioning cameras feature AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ. It provides automatic tracking of detected objects for visual confirmation without the need for manual control.

Axis Thermal CCTV Cameras

Axis Thermal CCTV cameras


Thermal cameras create images based on the heat that always radiates from any object, vehicle or person.

A thermal camera is less sensitive to problems with light conditions, such as shadows, backlight, darkness and even camouflaged objects; and delivers images that allow operators to detect and act on suspicious activity – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thermal cameras don’t deliver images that allow reliable identification. So if privacy regulations are a concern, you’ll remain safely in compliance.  However, the Axis Q87 Bispectral PTZ Network Camera series  allows a combination of visual and thermal video streams in a single PTZ camera with one IP address so visual identification can also be possible if required.

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Network Audio Systems

Axis Audio Solutions


Axis Communications offers a range of complete, high-quality audio solutions to improve security and make live or scheduled announcements.

Remote audio can improve security on your premises with live direct callouts. Remote speaking in video surveillance applications enables a CCTV operator to remotely address people and deter unwanted activity, turning your CCTV security system into a proactive deterrent rather than a passive, retrospective one.

Remote audio often means less incidents and fewer guards at site needed. That’s why….

audio warningsIn 2020 Farsight CCTV operators issued a whopping 119,901 audio deterrent warnings 

Access control solutions

axis access control systems


Axis offer open, scalable and flexible access control solutions that integrate seamlessly with other systems and can be monitored and operated remotely by Farsight’s central monitoring station who specialise in remote access control.

Axis can take access control beyond just the doors. You can achieve flexible and innovative security – including out-of-the-box integration with your existing security systems. Whether your installation is small or large, you have many possibilities for going beyond the door, such as cabinet locks, wireless locks to secure drawers and lockers such as for data centre security applications as an example.

Network Video Recorders

Axis Video Recorders


With an Axis Network Video recorder you get an easy-to-install and reliable High Definition solution perfectly adapted to Axis wide range of network products. The recorders are preloaded with all necessary software including video management software licenses and are preconfigured to minimise installation time. Completed with cameras from Axis wide product portfolio and monitors they form a plug and play solution for mid-sized installations up to 64 channels.

The recorders are available as standalone workstations for office environments as well as rack servers for installation in server rooms.

Axis Video Management Software

AXIS Video Management Software

The core of any CCTV security solution is the Video Management Software (VMS). Deciding on software for your system is not only a matter of size, but even more important is what security issues you have and how they can be best addressed. Axis software is designed and validated to perfectly match Axis products and features.

Axis Companion and Axis Camera Station can integrate seamlessly with your security systems to offers fully featured video management with easy integration of other capabilities and the ability to give your appointed security operators control from anywhere.

Summary from Farsight Security Services



It is important to highlight the fact that Farsight is a remote security monitoring station partner, working with a wide network of trusted, professional installers across the UK – we do not install security systems as that would be counter productive in supporting our installer clients.

It is therefore crucial to adopt an independent viewpoint and be experts across multiple makes, shapes and sizes of security systems to ensure we can integrate with them to continue to deliver the ‘best in the class monitoring’ capabilities that our clients are used to.

To achieve this, we adopt an independent view and work with a many trusted  leading security systems manufacturers from all over the world.

Axis Communications is one such partner who’s innovation, products, technology and support is greatly valued.

Looking for a Remote Security Monitoring Partner?

Based at our cutting-edge, purpose built central monitoring station, which is the largest in Europe, Farsight provides a range of remote security monitoring solutions that our clients have the peace of mind they need. Farsight’s renowned ‘Commitment to Vigilance’ is second to none as is our communication and reporting transparency.

Farsight provides the following remote monitoring services:

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