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As a leading UK Alarm & CCTV remote monitoring station, Farsight has forged a close working relationship with Netcelero. Poor connectivity and weak security can be the source of many issues that pose threats to site owners, security integrators and indeed CCTV monitoring central stations.

Netcelero are CCTV connectivity experts, who have been developing trusted software as a service (SaaS) solutions for a decade. With over 3,000 sites globally across Northern Europe, USA and Asia. Their customers include international CCTV monitoring companies, major construction companies and global leaders in renewable energy solutions, who trust Netcelero to keep their remote sites securely connected.

Farsight works extremely hard to stay at the cutting edge of security systems, software and technology innovation to continue to position Farsight at the sharp end of the remote security monitoring sector in the UK.  Joel Babb, Farsight’s CTO says this about Netcelero:

“It is not often I come across a new bit of tech that is innovative, and practical to use in real world scenarios. The i-sPi solves so many modern day communication issues and is extremely good value for money. “

Netcelero has become a trusted provider of connectivity solutions for remote CCTV monitoring, providing innovative solutions that remove the complexities of quality connectivity, guaranteeing secure remote access to any onsite hardware with full control and visibility of connectivity at any site, no matter how remote.

So who are Netcelero and what do they offer?

About Netcelero

Netcelero is a trusted provider of secure agile connectivity, working in partnership with international businesses across many sectors, enabling them to enjoy enterprise level security and resilience, at an affordable price.

Founded on innovative, industry led thinking and research – all underpinned with a strong background in telecommunications, 4G connectivity and cloud services, Netcelero identified a significant gap in the market in 2015. Client needs were evolving, and existing products were not meeting new demands.  Netcelero brings workable and simple solutions to market.

The founders of Netcelero are industry experts and entrepreneurial thinkers. The power of their solutions lies in the simplicity of their design for the customer. They provide superior internet connectivity with real-time data, accessed remotely from anywhere in the world.

Importantly, cybersecurity is at the heart of this innovation providing solutions that can run parallel to existing networks, eliminating risk of attack, keeping them securely connected and always on.

Simple, Clever & Robust Solutions for CCTV Requirements

Netcelero’s flagship products, which we will showcase below, provide solutions to overcome two significant threats that security managers, integrators and remote monitoring partners face – these are weak security and poor internet connectivity which is particularly relevant for remote sites…

Construction CCTV



Hacking is a major issue with even a single ‘back door’ leaving an entire CCTV camera network vulnerable to costly security breaches and malware.

Poor connectivity

Poor internet connectivity is the source of many issues experienced by CCTV monitoring companies. Cameras in remote locations rely on 4G connections, yet struggle to get a much-needed static IP address. And, when a camera goes down, it can be hard to know which DVR or NVR connection is experiencing problems.

The Netcelero Solution

Netcelero is easy to deploy, slotting into your existing infrastructure without the need for major network changes, lengthy reconfigurations or costly downtime.  Thanks to its proprietary cloud-based network, many settings are centrally managed – meaning the solution is portable and can easily be configured.

The power of the Netcelero solutions to overcome these issues lies in the simplicity of their design for the customer. They provide superior internet connectivity with real-time data, accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. Crucially, cybersecurity is at the heart of these innovative solutions which deliver these benefits:

Static IP Address

A globally routable static IP – even with cellular connections…

Netcelero’s clever cloud-based solution, paired with onsite hardware, can fail over a Public IP address, regardless of the type of connection: even if you’re only using 4G. This enables high definition cameras to be installed anywhere, including remote locations or in connectivity blackspots.

Not only that, if you’re using 4G connections for live streaming, you’re probably worried about data usage. Netcelero’s web-based analytics dashboard puts you in control by enabling you to monitor data usage, or manage daily / weekly limits.

Resilient Connection

Cameras keep streaming, whatever happens…

Netcelero delivers the reliable internet connection needed for a customer’s cameras to work anywhere, enabling you to provide a permanently reliable service to your clients. For uninterrupted remote access – anywhere, use Netcelero, to securely and robustly connect CCTVs in remote locations, even where a fixed line isn’t readily available.

Netcelero’s innovative cloud-based solution, paired with on-site hardware, easily slots into your existing infrastructure and combines your existing connections to deliver the failover you need. Not only that, if a fixed line is vandalised, constant live streaming continues, as the internet connection seamlessly fails over to the back up.

As an added bonus, the TCP acceleration feature gives you high-definition video streams from your site, anywhere on the globe. Even over high latency connections.

Robust Firewall Protection

Preventing malicious activity against cameras everywhere

Effective security is crucial in the world of the internet of things. NVRs, DVRs, and IP cameras can have back doors and vulnerable authentication systems, which leave your network exposed to online attacks. Potentially using up your data allowance, getting you blacklisted by your ISP, and doing critical damage to your brand’s hard-earned reputation.

With our solution between your network and the internet, Netcelero acts as a shield against these threats, and monitors activity coming in and out. Each Netcelero solution offers multiple levels of firewall protection that can be set depending on specific requirements. Got some equipment that needs to be restricted from accessing the internet? Our Click-to-Deploy VPN gives you exclusive one-way access to your devices, with absolute peace of mind.

Analytics Dashboard

Visibility across your entire estate of cameras…

Netcelero analytics portal


If there’s a fault, sending engineers to troubleshoot can be time consuming and expensive. With Netcelero’s web-based analytics dashboard, you have an experienced engineer in the palm of your hand. Keeping you one step ahead of any problems, while monitoring data usage, connection speeds, and even hardware like UPS batteries.

Benefits include:

  • Customise your dashboard view from a wide variety of real-time key performance indicators
  • Monitor 4G data usage to help avoid ‘bill shock’
  • Perform routine actions on any camera from the monitoring control centre – including reboots and configuration changes
  • Set up email and SMS alerts to keep engineers proactively informed 24/7
  • Enjoy unrivalled visibility across your entire estate of connections
  • As your dashboard is web-based, your team can access it from anywhere – including desktops, tablets and phone.

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Netcelero Products

Netcelero’s innovative product range is an affordable software solution developed specifically for the CCTV market – designed to solve the problem of secure remote access to site as well as providing connectivity resilience.

Let’s take a look at Netcelero’s flagship products – the i-sPi and N3000 series:


Netcelero i-SPI

i-sPi is the nifty Netcelero plug and play device. You simply plug it into your existing 4G or DSL router for secure and superior quality connectivity. A light weight device, the product is shipped directly to you and is instantly deployable. Once plugged in, i-sPi gives you a static IP and four port forwards. Simply select your NVR and it is ready to go.

Netcelero i-spi diagram

There are many reasons to choose the i-sPi especially if you want your CCTV system need to be monitored remotely. The static IP and four port forwards offer a smart solution for immediate access to cameras. If there is an issue on site, the sophisticated Netcelero software creates a secure tunnel to access the NVR, so any problems can be simply solved remotely.

Once your i-sPi is set up, the Netcelero dashboard is fully integrated with Farsight’s CCTV monitoring software ensuring all critical alerts are received and can be acted on immediately. The i-sPi  can help to identify problems on site, giving visibility on what needs to be done to restore access to a camera and identify the cause of an issue.

Remote monitoring is critical to effective prevention of crime through CCTV surveillance, meaning connectivity is critical to achieving that goal.  i-sPi provides intelligent insights to mitigate connectivity issues, common causes of which include: Loss of power, ISP internet down, ISP change or ISP router change, intermittent local connectivity issues and NVR factory resets.

CCTV systems can be vulnerable to suffering cyberattacks. Because the i-sPi operates parallel to onsite equipment, it does not interfere with the existing network. You still have access to your onsite equipment remotely, but it is secure and protected. Traffic filtering by region and IP address, is enabled with smart geo locking and source IP white listing. This means that it restricts access to IP addresses of the country you are in only.

The i-sPi simplifies a reliable remote connection to any CCTV system and blocks hacks in the process. Crucially, this gives peace of mind that connectivity to the monitoring system is safe, fast and that data is accessible in real-time.

Netcelero 3000 Series

Netcelero 3000 series


The innovative technology of the Netcelero 3000 Series combines internet connections so they appear as a single tunnel over the connections. This is then routed back to Netcelero’s core network. A static IP address is assigned to the tunnel. This address can then be used to connect to the internet. If any of the connections fail, traffic continues to flow – automatic failover to 4G is seamless with Netcelero.

Netcelero 3000 series


The Netcelero proprietary cloud network monitors the connections and reacts instantaneously and intelligently to any changes. The web-based dashboard gives you unique visibility of every connection, from all providers, all in one place. Through the dashboard you can also set up automated alerts, monitor the key performance indicators of your choice, even the battery status of your onsite UPS, and orchestrate your multiple site network.

The 3000 Series includes robust and flexible firewall functionality that offers threat prevention designed to suit your specific needs. The dashboard also offers improved visibility of any suspicious activity and real-time alerts to keep you one step ahead of any potential issues.

Summary from Farsight Security Services.



It is important to highlight the fact that Farsight is a remote security monitoring station partner, working with a wide network of trusted, professional installers across the UK – we do not install security systems as that would be counter productive in supporting our installer clients.

It is therefore crucial to adopt an independent viewpoint and be experts across multiple makes, shapes and sizes of security systems to ensure we can integrate with them to continue to deliver the ‘best in the class monitoring’ capabilities that our clients are used to.

To achieve this, we adopt an independent view and work with a many trusted leading security systems manufacturers from all over the world.

Netcelero is one such partner who focusses on secure, reliable connectivity that optimise CCTV security monitoring systems. Netcelero’s innovative solutions have not gone unnoticed by the security industry, being nominated and becoming finalists in the Innovative Security Project category of the BSIA’s 2021 British Security Awards.

Looking for a Remote Security Monitoring Partner?

Based at our cutting-edge, purpose built central monitoring station, which is the largest in Europe, Farsight provides a range of remote security monitoring solutions that our clients have the peace of mind they need. Farsight’s renowned ‘Commitment to Vigilance’ is second to none as is our communication and reporting transparency.

Farsight provides the following remote monitoring services:

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