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Optex Visual Alarm Monitoring


As an independently operated business within the OPTEX Group of companies, Farsight is a leading remote monitoring station in the UK.  Over the past few years we have worked closely with companies within the OPTEX Group to support and drive advancements in technology innovation and development to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of remote monitoring excellence.

Bridging the gap between blind alarm monitoring and visually verifying incidents in real time has long been a particular focus for Farsight. As a leading CCTV monitoring station providing remote monitoring solutions to thousands of homes and businesses across the UK, visual verification of incidents and emergencies with our dedicated monitored CCTV services is nothing new. However, the concept of giving our alarm monitoring operators the ability to see what is happening inside a premises to establish the cause of triggered alarm has major benefits which we will outline below.

The ‘concept’ is now a reality with OPTEX rolling out its Intelligent Visual Monitoring solutions to installers and Alarm Receiving Centres in the UK. This innovative technology has enabled Farsight to rollout our own next generation alarm monitoring package, AlarmSight – which enables us to offer a visually verified alarm response service to our installer partners giving peace of mind that their client’s premises, assets and people are fully protected.

Joel Babb, Farsight’s CTO has worked with US based CHeKT who developed the solution for a number of years,  before its rollout in the UK as a valuable addition to the Optex security solutions arsenal available to installers here. Joel says this about the OPTEX Intelligent Visual Monitoring powered by CHeKT solution:

” The OPTEX Bridge unifies monitoring stations, installers and end users though state-of-the art cloud services and award winning tech. It is easy to retro fit in existing sites or new sites allowing visual verification when it counts the most.”


So what is the OPTEX Intelligent Visual Alarm Monitoring solution and what are its benefits?

What is Intelligent Visual Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm visual verification in security, uses instant images to assist in confirming whether a triggered alarm is genuine or false.

Upon activation of a PIR, a video clip is sent to generate an urgent response to a genuine crime in progress, reducing costly false alarms and protecting URNs.

Being able to literally see an intruder in your home or business premises, allows security operators to visually verify incidents significantly increase the proactive opportunities to:

  • Catch an intruder in the act
  • Get the police on the scene quicker
  • Help protect Police URNs by reducing false alarms
  • Optimise security to help minimise the loss of property and criminal damage.

The OPTEX Intelligent Visual Alarm Monitoring solution consists of an IP hardware device, the OPTEX Bridge, and a software solution hosted in the cloud. It’s an easy, fast and accurate complete visual verification solution without compromising the integrity of the existing security system. It can be used to upgrade existing alarm systems as well as with new installations.

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The OPTEX Bridge product range

The OPTEX Bridge powered by CHeKT has two models which we outline below:

1. Visual Verification Bridge CKB-304, 4-channel


Optex visual verification bridge


The OPTEX Bridge is the hardware component of the OPTEX Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution, that provides a visual verification solution for monitoring stations / Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs), that is hosted in the Cloud. The OPTEX Bridge is an award-winning IP device that connects CCTV cameras to monitored intrusion alarm panels and sends a video stream to the Visual Monitoring Portal.

Bind alarm detectors with cameras

Connected to the control panel and the network, the OPTEX Bridge enables indoor and outdoor intrusion sensors, door contacts and panic buttons to be linked with ONVIF compliant cameras or DVRs and map the detection or alarm zones to the associated cameras.

Easy integrates with existing ARC software

The OPTEX Bridge should be registered with the monitoring station monitoring the site and with the Visual Monitoring Portal, powered by CHeKT. The alarm system can then become a responsive visual verification solution without any interference to the integrity.

How does the solution work?

When an alarm zone is triggered the operator is alerted in a few seconds. The Visual Monitoring Portal presents the operator with the live camera view of the zone that has been triggered, the pre- and post event video recordings, and a site map with the location of additional cameras. Depending on the agreed procedure and the assessment of the alarm, the operator can either take immediate action or push the notification to a key holder or emergency contacts so they can verify the alarm and instruct the operator accordingly.

All interactions are documented in an audit trail creating a comprehensive visual verification solution.

2.Visual Verification Bridge CKB-312, 12-Channel


Optex bridge CKB312 picture


The 12-Channel Visual Verification Bridge, the CKB-312, is the hardware component, the IP Gateway, of the OPTEX Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution, that provides a visual verification solution for monitoring stations / Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs), that is hosted in the Cloud. The OPTEX Bridge is an award-winning IP gateway that connects ONVIF cameras to monitored alarm systems (alarm panel, panic button or other alarm systems) and sends a video stream to the Visual Monitoring Portal powered by CHeKT.

Adding video to monitored alarm systems

The solution allows to easily and cost-effectively to add video to “blind” monitored alarm systems. It simply requires the installation of the OPTEX Bridge – on site, followed by connection to the Cloud portal and to a participating Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

The OPTEX CKB-312 Bridge enables to physically pair up to 12 indoor/ outdoor intrusion sensors or panic buttons with the same amount of IP cameras and sends securely the video to the Portal that in turn is connected with a participating ARC or monitoring station. Within seconds, the operator can access the video recording of any alarm activation as well as the live footage. The video can be shared with the home/ site owner or the emergency contacts for verification.

How the solution works

When an alarm is activated, it is transmitted simultaneously to the monitoring station via the the monitored system and to the Cloud with the associated video footage via the Bridge. Within seconds, the operator is presented with the pre and post event recording and the live view of the site. Depending on the procedures in place, the operator will action the appropriate response or send the footage to the customer for verification and instructions. The customer will access the footage with a clear action or “disregard” or “response required”. All is recorded in an clear audit trail.

Key features of the 12-channel Bridge

The OPTEX 12-channel Bridge, CKB-312, is a very secure IP device that allow to bridge the gap between monitored alarm systems and IP cameras to provide visual verification. Featuring twelve digital inputs and four relay outputs, the CKB-312 is suited for larger sites with multiple devices and can be used for many different applications such as monitoring intrusion and personal attacks to visually verifying when a leak sensor has gone off . The relay outputs can be used to switch lighting on, issue a voice warning via a siren or to trigger the opening of a gate. In some retail applications, customers have connected the Bridge to release a smoke cloak in case of burglary.

The 12-channel OPTEX Bridge:

  • supports 12 ONVIF and RTSP compliant camera and NVR/DVR
  • features 4 relay outputs
  • provides System Health Check, the Bridge and IP cameras connected to it are monitored by the Cloud and will signal any problem.
  • features line level output for remote talk-down capability
  • Is equipped with SSL encryption for secure communication with the Cloud
  • Is programmable via the installer mobile App

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What are the Benefits of alarm visual verification enabled by the OPTEX Bridge range?

Benefits for Installers

Extend the service offering to your customers with an easy to install system that links CCTV cameras to a monitored alarm panel creating a visual verification solution.

The OPTEX Bridge is a compact size IP device that easily connects to any alarm panel and the network. It will automatically detect the IP devices, cameras or DVR on the network and allow you to link the sensors or panic buttons to them. Once registered on the Visual Monitoring Portal, the Bridge is allocated to your installer account allowing you to manage the maintenance.

The Intelligent Visual Monitoring Portal gives installers a platform to set up and manage all their connected devices. Interactive features allow the installer to customise the details of the site with satellite map views and to place the location of cameras, sensors and detection overlays. All installed cameras, sensors and Visual Verification Bridge devices can be managed remotely. Alarm zones and sensors become IP devices and also have real-time “Health Monitoring” statistics, giving installers peace of mind, knowing that the visual verification services sold to a client are performing as they should.

Benefits for Business Owners

No more blind alarms, your monitoring station and yourself can verify…you can now see what set off the alarm or why the panic button was triggered so the right action can be taken.

OPTEX Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution enables to connect intrusion detection sensors or panic buttons, together with IP cameras giving the ability to your intruder alarm monitoring station and yourself to visualise what has set the alarm off and take the appropriate action.

The solution brings the power of video to your intrusion system. It consists of an award-winning IP device the OPTEX Bridge, that will connect the cameras to the alarm panel and one intelligent software solution hosted in the Cloud. It can be installed in one site or across multiple sites sharing the same network and gives you full flexibility as you can use existing security equipment, add to it or build the system from new.

Why choose Farsight’s fire and intruder alarm monitoring service?

CCTV operator at Farsight


Since 1996 Farsight has been a leading, fully accredited Category II Alarm Receiving Centre operating out of our modern, purpose built ARC which is  packed with the latest state-of-the art technology and highly experienced staff.

Farsight monitor Fire & Intruder Alarms to BS5979 standards and SSAIB standards and offer the following benefits:

  • We answer alarms faster than the industry standard, in fact Farsight responds to 99.5% of alarms in under 180 seconds.
  • We have more operators on shift with an industry ‘leading operator to alarm ratio’ that truly sets us apart.
  • We use cutting-edge technology, our in-house technical team regularly collaborate with our alarm signalling and receiving tech partners to the unequalled technical support excellence that we are renowned for.
  • Our staff are highly trained in reactivity and the identification of risks, all are SIA approved and their experienced is highly valued by our clients.
  • We always provide transparency and reliability, by choosing Farsight you’ll benefit from the Sentinel Plus alarm monitoring system, which acts as a handy guide to immediate tasks for engineers and a management summary for end user customers.
  • Dedicated in-house new connection commissioning team, we make it easy to bring alarm monitoring connections ( see our commissioning process here).

Let’s Talk Alarm Monitoring

You can be assured that Farsight is one of the leading intruder alarm monitoring companies offering monitored alarm systems across the UK for both domestic and commercial locations, whenever and wherever you need us to keep watch.

Find out how our intruder alarm monitoring and monitored fire alarms service can benefit the security of your premises now or you can simply request a quote. Contact us today on 0845 371 0101 or drop us a line below: