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For employers, choosing the right partners is crucial.  Lone Worker Protection systems are implemented by employers for their solitary or lone working employees in accordance with employment laws and regulations. Lone worker protection devices such as the Oysta lone worker safety devices, provide the assurance to staff who work alone or ‘out-of-reach’ that help is at hand 24/7 from a team of highly trained remote monitoring operators at the Farsight’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

As a leading Category II BS 5979 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), we are committed to vigilance when it comes to our lone worker protection solutions. Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) must meet stringent requirements around staff vetting, the physical security of buildings and their service resilience procedures to reinstate services in the event of catastrophic failure. When choosing a monitoring partner, it is crucial to ensure that the required industry accreditations are held.

Essential to our lone worker safety provision services is our BS 8484:2016 – Provision of Lone Worker Services certification, the industry benchmark to measure the quality of the service that is being provided.  To gain accreditation, Lone Worker service providers must successfully pass a strict external audit to demonstrate their compliance to a range of best practices.

Why is BS 8484 certification important for Lone Worker Safety?

Compliance with BS 8484:2016 enables Farsight to access the highest level of police response with a Unique Reference Number (URN), giving us direct communication with police control rooms without the need for a 999 call, allowing the fastest possible response – a crucial element to protecting lone workers should an incident arise.

The British Standard comprises of several lone worker safety service provision Codes of Practice which include not only the response services and monitoring centre itself, but also the devices, applications and training and response services.

Farsight partners with a range of leading equipment and software partners that share our high standards, one such partner in the Lone Worker Protection sector is Oysta Technology.

Why does Farsight partner with Oysta?

Oysta lead the way in lone-worker technology. Oysta solutions are designed to track, locate, and connect lone workers to 24/7 assistance, and are relied upon by organisations from all industry sectors throughout the UK, Asia and Europe.

Oysta Technology are renowned for their ability to combine cutting-edge technology within user-friendly devices. Holding quality, reliability and innovation at its heart, Oysta provide care technology that is specifically designed to ensure the safety and well-being of the vulnerable within their homes, or out in the field of work.

Oysta technology is tried, trusted and relied upon by families and organisations throughout the UK, Europe and beyond – and is trusted by Farsight too.

Oysta Lone Worker Safety Device Products Available From Farsight

Oysta’s digital lone worker safety devices and telecare solutions are used by tens of thousands of lone workers and Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) around the world, but not everybody’s needs are the same. That’s why Oysta have developed a trusted BS4848 compliant range of products to suit every requirement.  We outline some of the key lone worker devices that we provide and monitor below:

Oysta Pearl II 

Oysta Pearl II from Farsight


Combining the power and flexibility of the latest GPS & WiFi mapping and location technology with the simplicity of the Oysta Pearl II device, the Pearl II solution provides safer independence for vulnerable people and lone workers. These devices, when monitored by Farsight give the reassurance that help is at hand when they need it.

The Oysta Pearl II lone worker safety device comes in the form of a handheld device that can be worn around the neck or clipped to a belt.  This device is incredibly simple to use, compact but easy to hold and consists of a large clear screen, with three large buttons that have been designed to be both easy to see and easy to use. In any scenario where help is needed, the lone worker simply has to press the alert button.

Key features of the Oysta Pearl II include:

One Touch SOS Button
If you are in distress or just need peace of mind, press the SOS button to get help. The Oysta Pearl II will send your details to the Farsight control room for contact and open a two way voice call.

Fall Sensor
The Oysta Pearl II device has a built-in 3-axis accelerometer to sense falls. Upon activation, the device will send out alert information and open an audio call.

Safety Zones
Simply create safe zones to monitor movements in and out of areas at certain times of the day or night. When leaving a ‘safe zone’ an alert can be sent to the Farsight remote monitoring station.

Status Alerts
Know when the device is switched on or off, charging and low battery levels, moving or not-moving.

Location Updates
The Oysta service allows regular location updates with no intervention by the lone worker, if any help is required the Farsight remote monitoring station is notified, together with the location information, in order to determine the best response – emergency or otherwise.

Reminder Messages

Simple messages can be pre-set to send to your Oysta Pearl II enabling the lone worker to remember important tasks and making it a useful tool to help manage daily lone worker safety.

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Oysta Pearl +

Oyster Pearl Plus


The Oysta Pearl+ mobile is a GPS location device which is designed to work around the world for the personal safety and security of lone workers. This Oysta lone worker safety device offers the latest in mobile telecare safety and features sophisticated tracking and communication capabilities to enhance the device holder’s safety. If lost, distressed or in need of help, the wearer can easily trigger an alarm. It allows to regular ‘checking in’ with the device holder,  alerts of the device holder’s location, and even audio communication via a built-in speakerphone.

Some of the key features that the Oysta Pearl+ offers to lone workers and their employers are:

One Touch SOS Button
A manual panic alarm allows your employee to discreetly alert the Farsight remote monitoring station if they find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. Making an SOS call couldn’t be simpler with this device, simply hold the blue button down for 3 seconds and you will be connected with an audio call to Farsight remote monitoring station.

Make and receive calls 
The Oysta Pearl + device allows you to store up to four contacts on the device so they can be called when needed.  The device also allows these contacts or Farsight remote monitoring station to call the device holder.

Welfare Check
A command can be sent to the device which will automatically ask the user  if they are ‘OK’ by showing a message on the screen at a designated time interval. If the user does not confirm ‘OK’ an alert can be sent to the Farsight remote monitoring station.

Automatic Reporting
Set service start/end time and GPS location interval (cycles). The Oysta Pearl+ automatically reports its position to remote monitoring platform providing travel history.

Fall Sensor
The Oysta Pearl+ is equipped with a Fall Sensor which immediately sends out alert information in case of a ‘man down’ situation. Audible voice prompts help to reduce false alarms.

Network Status
Lone workers can view mobile network operator, strength, GPS signal and battery on a single screen. If there is no network, your device will audibly alert informing them it is not safe to work.

Automatic Timed Alerts
Pre-set an automatic alert timer when operating in high risk environments. If the timed alert is not cancelled within the agreed time period an alert will be sent to the Farsight remote monitoring station.

Simple geo-fences help monitor staff moving between safe and hazardous zones. Timed alerts for both in and out zone alerts can be linked to your welfare checks so that regular prompts on the device check your lone worker is okay when operating in hazardous zones.

Proof of attendance
Update your location/time and date manually to provide full check in and out facility.

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Oysta Lite 

Oysta Lite


The Oysta Lite is a BS8484 compliant GPS location device that is  waterproof and weighs only 50g is waterproof.   This nifty device offers the ultimate in discrete lone worker safety and is designed to work around the world for personal safety and security for lone workers when monitored by Farsight.

Measuring  52 x 38 x 17.5 mm, this no fuss, discrete lone worker device can be worn around the neck on a lanyard, on a belt or keychain and even simply carried in a pocket. Don’t let its size fool you though, it is packed with features that include:

Location Finding

Location Finding 
This little digital device conceals powerful location finding capabilities. The device holder’s location can be found and assisted quickly thanks to the latest GPS technology which continually updates the device’s location.  There is a built

SOS button 
The Oysta Lite has a one touch SOS button.  A manual panic alarm allows your employee to discreetly alert the Farsight remote monitoring centre if they find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

Two Way Conversation
Once the SOS alarm is raised, the Oysta Lite device will allow a two way conversation via its built in loudspeaker with Farsight’s trained operators. The device will also will also send the device holder’s location to our control room

Geo Fences
Setting up simple geo-fences or safety zones help monitor staff moving between safe and hazardous zones. Timed alerts for both in and out of zone alerts can be linked to your welfare checks so that regular prompts on the device check your lone worker is okay when operating in hazardous zones.

Status Alerts
As useful addition, the Oysta Lite includes a status alert feature which informs of the status of the device, knowing when the Oysta Lite is switched off or on, and when it needs charging to ensure the device is up and running when its needed. An optional ‘No Activity’ feature can also detect when the device is not being worn or used.

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Oysta Badge

Oysta Badge


The Oysta Badge is the very latest device from the Oysta stable of products and offers the ultimate in discrete lone worker safety. Designed for everyone who performs activity without
close or direct supervision by others, the Oysta Badge is an autonomous lone-worker solution that combines powerful tracking technology within an easy-to-wear device.

Featuring satellite tracking, mobile and Bluetooth connectivity, the Oysta Badge monitors lone worker wellbeing, wherever that employee is located. Satisfying legislation for lone-worker safety and protection, the Badge provides a reliable lifeline for those working independently from a wider team. The Oyster Badge has CE and RoSH certifications.

The cutting-edge features that make this device stand out include:

Two-way voice communication/Covert calling
Depending on the risk or the situation, the Oysta Badge puts the user in contact with a real person at Farsight’s remote monitoring station. If a fall or ‘man-down’ is detected, the Oysta Badge can be set to use auto answer / hands-free mode, ensuring contact and continued safety in times of crisis.

Configurable buttons
Located at the back of the device are these 5 buttons:
• Power button
• SOS/Emergency button
• Speed dial
• Turn Man down or Amber Alert on or off
• Send a location update/proof of presence

One-touch SOS button
A manual SOS alarm allows an employee to discreetly alert the monitoring centre if they find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

Automatic Reporting
Set service GPS location interval (cycles). The Badge automatically reports its position providing real-time locations and travel history.

Optimise Workforce Management
See the location of all team members in real-time, to enable quick decisions on staff deployment and to flag any gaps in service provision.

Profile configuration
As situations or risk level change, profiles can be constantly updated, to allow maximum lone-worker safety and protection.

Resilient to humidity and light rain, the Oysta Badge is suitable for all working environments.


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Lets’ talk about how we can help to keep your lone workers safe

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