3 quick and easy ways to highlight the benefits of remote monitoring

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Just because a business hasn’t had a break-in doesn’t mean they don’t require CCTV, or remote monitoring services. A break-in can happen at any time, and sometimes with little warning at all. Staying vigilant to intruders is the only way to truly ensure the highest level of security.

Sharing this logic with site owners and customers is imperative, and these tips will arm you with the information you need to protect sites across the UK.

Remote monitoring can offer more than just additional security. It can offer peace of mind to business owners, and surveillance from fully trained professionals.

Draw on your experience. How have you helped others before? How could you help this client in the future? Sometimes customers may feel that they don’t need remote monitoring services as they have CCTV, or a secure door entry system. Highlighting how they could benefit from the services can make it easier, whilst also sharing what you’ve done for previous clients and how they are protected now.

Sharing individual cases of how you’ve improved security is a great way to reassure a customer that remote monitoring is worthwhile, whilst also helping to put customers in contact with each other. Hearing the benefits from a customer who currently uses remote monitoring is a great idea.

Focus on new technology. How can the latest technology make a difference? New CCTV is being continually developed, featuring motion sensor functionality and clearer recordings, making it easier to identify intruders should a break-in occur. Be sure to mention how staying at the forefront of technological advances in security software is imperative to security levels.

Your customer may have a security system in place which has served them well in the past, but how much longer will their old CCTV cameras work? Assessing the productivity levels of current security, and driving home the latest technology could convert even the harshest of critics.

It’s more than just CCTV. Connecting staff as site keyholders can not only increase security, but also raise the awareness of security internally within your business. Keyholders are an important element of remote monitoring, and whilst external keyholding companies can be employed, it may be more beneficial to get buy-in internally from staff. Stress the importance of employees being on-board with new security, as they are responsible for ensuring site security too.

Getting employees involved is the first step, but another benefit of remote monitoring is the perceived level of security for your clients’ customers, too. For example, if the client holds valuable items in a packaging depot that is broken into, how can they guarantee they are committed to site security? Remote monitoring can keep their site under surveillance even if the client isn’t on site 24/7.

The importance of arrests

One of the most successful ways to emphasise the benefits of remote monitoring is through the arrest news stories we regularly post on the Farsight website.

From break ins at car garages, to intruders at parcel depots, these news articles feature the strengths of remote monitoring and how, with the assistance of keyholders and local police, criminals can be caught and property can be returned. We post new stories each month, so check back to see the latest updates from The Observatory and how they catch intruders in the act.