5 things that can make a difference to the quality of your remote monitoring

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Is your remote security monitoring working as effectively as you’d like? Ensuring your security is fully functioning at all times is down to both you and your remote monitoring provider. Remote monitoring allows you to put your security maintenance in the hands of the professionals. Here at Farsight, we have a dedicated team working day and night, helping to keep your site secure.

What are remote monitoring services?

Remote monitoring is one of the safest ways to protect your site or building, as there is more than one element to the services provided. Alarms, CCTV, keyholders and video analysis all play a huge part in helping to reduce break ins, and restoring your site to normal working order should a break in occur.

However, external and internal factors can affect the quality of your remote monitoring. Read on to find out more about these factors.

Reliable keyholders

Keyholders are an important part of your security, but they are even more effective if they are reliable. Sometimes you may wish to employ an external keyholding company, or instead you could enlist your staff as keyholders. Either way, ensuring they are fully trained, reliable, and able to travel to your site quickly are all paramount to ensuring your security. If your keyholders leave or move on to a different role within your business, training new a new keyholder to replace them should be of extreme importance, as you don’t know when they could be required. Refresher training should also be considered, as it may go some time between initial training before their skills are required.

Quality of your CCTV cameras

Poor camera quality can lead to an inability to identify any intruders. Whilst intruders often attempt to cover or obstruct their faces, it may be possible to identify them through other factors that are normally only possible with high quality recording. The lighting and positioning of your cameras will also play a large part in the ease of intruder identification. Had your cameras for a long time? It might be time to update them. Whilst they have worked well for you previously, there may be better quality cameras available – which could serve you well in the future.

A secure base

Whilst remote monitoring services can provide surveillance and remote monitoring, if you have recently had a security breach it’s an ideal time to secure your building first. Training staff to be vigilant when allowing visitors onto your site, and not freely sharing access information can help to restore security, along side your remote monitoring services. Setting up a locking up procedure could also help to reduce the possibility of a break in too. Items such as ensuring all doors and windows are locked, and keeping keys away from plain view should be included in your checklist

Camera positioning

Having several cameras is a great idea, but if none of them are aimed at your main entrance or exit then you may be missing who is attempting to access your site. Creating a plan of your building, and mapping out the most important areas for surveillance is a great place to start, but keep in mind that reviewing your camera position is always a possibility – should things change in the future.

Internet connection

A reliable internet connection can mean you the difference between constant coverage and a lapse in security. Some remote monitoring services will alert you if your internet connection has failed, and lead to a loss in CCTV coverage, allowing you to step in. Finding a reliable remote monitoring system and internet connection are paramount to ensuring your site security at all times.

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