HWRC CCTV Monitoring Leads to Arrests


Committed to Vigilance

At Farsight we take our mantra, ‘Committed to Vigilance,’ very seriously.  As Europe’s largest purpose-built alarm receiving and remote CCTV  monitoring centre, we are packed with cutting-edge technology and manned by highly-skilled, qualified security operators.

However, it is not just these that make us a market leading specialist in remote monitoring, we believe the way we communicate with our clients is important too. Our industry leading, cloud-based platform – YourSight, has transformed the way we can effectively communicate with installers and end-users to report faults or incidents occurring at their sites.

This allows us to act swiftly if an incident should occur, following a set response agreement. This typically includes: contacting the key holder, emergency services if required and issuing an audio warning if we’re able.  See how Farsight’s remote CCTV monitoring works in this short video.

Vigilance Leads to Arrests at HWRCs

We work across many industrial and commercial sectors, but a recent example of our commitment to vigilance was demonstrated in January 2020 with arrests at Household Waste & Recycling Centres.

On these occasions at two separate HWRC sites in Lincolnshire, intruders were spotted by our CCTV operators in the early hours, both the police and key holders were informed and audio warnings were issued. Our eagle-eyed CCTV operators’ quick responses lead to Lincolnshire Police arriving within minutes and arresting the intruders.

There are over 1,000 HWRC sites across the UK with regular news articles about intruders, thefts, vandalism and even arson at many of these sites.

We have written a blog that looks at why Household Waste & Recycling Centre (HWRC)  sites across the UK are so attractive to intruders and what security measures can be put in place to minimise the risk of security breaches.

To read this article click here.

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