How to maintain your security when you’re away

Business holiday security


The bank holiday will soon be here, and those extra days off will be more than welcome! But your security systems and remote monitoring won’t be having a break.

It’s reassuring to know that whilst you’re enjoying the long weekend, your premises will be looked after by a remote monitoring team. However, there are a few steps that you must take to make sure your site stays secure. They won’t take long to sort out but they will provide you with peace of mind and could potentially prevent any security issues arising.

1. Check for existing faults

In advance of the holidays, check your site for existing faults that need remedying. You’ll want faults to be fixed as soon as possible, so be sure to leave enough time for you to get in touch with your maintenance team. Log in to your web portal, which track faults and their status, and double check for any unresolved faults on site.

2. Check CCTV camera visibility

For a remote monitoring centre to effectively monitor the security of your premises, they will need to be able to view your premises clearly. With the longer daylight hours and spring upon us, shrubbery may have grown and obstructed a camera’s view of your premises. Remember you can always call us at Farsight on 0845371 0101 and ask one of our operators to check each camera’s visibility.

If possible, quickly walk around your site and check that there aren’t any obvious obstructions. Whilst you do, double check there hasn’t been any changes that your remote monitoring station is unaware of.

3. Check audio systems

If there is an intruder on your site, or any suspicious activity, your remote monitoring station will want to issue an audio warning. This is a very effective deterrent and can result in any intruders leaving your premises without causing any damage. However, it’s important to test your audio system to keep it in top condition so operators can issue these important warnings.

To complete a quick audio test, call your remote monitoring station and ask your operator to issue a live audio message. If you can hear it clearly, your audio is working well! If it sounds muffled, quiet or distorted you need to check for any obstructions to speakers and get in touch with you security system’s maintenance team.

4. Update your details

This is a great chance for you to quickly check your remote monitoring station has the latest and full contact details of site owners and key holders. Making sure they have your latest mobile phone number and the best contact option will make sure you’re always kept up-to-date with any changes on site.

To update key holder details at Farsight contact us via the web portal or call 0845 371 0101 – it only takes a moment!

5. Keep your monitoring centre in the loop

It’s important that your remote monitoring station is kept up to date with any changes that happen to your site. And it’s also important that they know when there will be changes with the main key holders attendance on site. If you’re jetting off on holiday or due to be further from the site than usual, let your remote monitoring station know. That way, if they need to contact the key holder they will be aware of the change in circumstances.

If your remote monitoring station is Farsight, let us know by emailing or call us on 0845 371 0101.

6. Consider a temporary key holder

If your primary key holder is going to be out of reach over the bank holiday, let the secondary key holder know they will be the replacement. Double check the secondary key holder will be easily reachable at any time and provide your remote monitoring station with his or her full contact details. When the primary key holder returns, be sure to let the monitoring station know things are back to normal.