Introducing YourSight: the state-of-the-art, cloud-based fault tracker designed specifically with Farsight customers in mind.


What’s included in YourSight?

YourSight is our dynamic new fault tracker system, designed to transform communication between customers, installers and our own Farsight operators and make it easier than ever to raise faults with remote security monitoring.

The most innovative fault tracker in the industry, YourSight is reducing ticket raising times by 63%. The revolutionary system means even more accurate fault tracking and handling. It also means our Farsight operators can work faster and more efficiently than ever before to assist you.


How YourSight can help revolutionise your business

As a YourSight user, you’ll receive…

  • Clearer communication. YourSight makes communication easier and faster.
  • Improved usability. Faults can be closed faster. Its refined system means our Farsight operators can open, complete and close tickets faster than ever before.
  • Increased visibility. As a YourSight user, you can view faults, you can also have direct access to cameras to see for yourself which ones have been viewed and when.
  • Sleek redesign. The innovative YourSight system is easy to use and available via a range of mobile and tablet devices, whether you’re in the office or on the go.
  • New notifications. You can now receive SMS and email notifications of faults and incidents and can add your own messages to the system from a range of devices.
  • Time saver. It’s not only easier to use, YourSight is saving customers and Farsight operators time too. Faults can be logged and closed faster than ever before, allowing Farsight operators to spend more valuable time assessing video footage and responding to alarms.

Want to find out more about YourSight? Get in touch with us to discover how it could transform your remote security monitoring services.