Car forecourt

Security wheelie on the ball

Car dealership security can be a tough nut to crack. Open forecourts are essential in allowing interested customers to browse the cars available but they also pose a security risk….

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Farsight monitor cloud-based video analytics solution, innoVi

At Farsight we set new standards for remote monitoring, adopt the latest technology and continually strive to innovate. With that in mind, we have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to announce that our RVRC can now support Agent Vi’s innoVi: cloud-based video analytics software as a service (SaaS).

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Remote facilities management

Skip is not prime-pickings for intruders

“Waste not, want not” might have been the attitude of these intruders but when a skip is on private property and individuals are trespassing to access that skip, security services need to act swiftly…

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