736 intruder incidents escalated to police in September alone!

CCTV remote monitoring incidents escalated to police

736 – that is how many intruder incidents Farsight’s CCTV remote monitoring operators escalated to blue light emergency services and keyholders of business sites across the UK in September alone!

We’d like to acknowledge the emergency services involved in keeping businesses safe by responding so quickly to our escalation calls. We give special thanks to the Avon & Somerset Police Service @ASPolice for their quick reaction and subsequent arrest following a commercial vehicle theft attempt in Bristol.

We have seen a surge in vehicle theft attempts from businesses across the UK of late and have recently published articles exploring this surge.  You may be surprised to know that a vehicle is stolen in the UK every nine minutes. In fact, 150,000 vehicles were stolen from across the UK in the year 2018-19.


How does Farsight respond to incidents seen with CCTV remote monitoring?

When an intruder gains access to a premises that has CCTV remote monitoring from Farsight, we get alerted and respond quickly. At Farsight our operator to alarm ratio is industry leading – that’s how we can react so effectively when it counts.


So what exactly happens when you have an incident on your premises?

Want to talk about optimising your security with CCTV remote monitoring?

If you want peace of mind that your property, people and assets are being protected by proactively preventing incidents with CCTV remote monitoring and Fire & Intruder alarm monitoring– we can help. Or if you are an installer looking to partner with us, we would love to speak.

Our remote monitoring experts are on hand to answer your queries and tell you about our cost effective remote monitoring packages, simply complete the contact form. Alternatively, feel free to give us a no obligation call on 0845 371 0101 or you can request a call back.


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