‘Fast & Furious’ Weekend in Lincolnshire

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This weekend Farsight’s remote monitoring CCTV operators were alerted to a gathering of people outside a Household Waste& Recycling Centre in Lincolnshire.  However, they were not waiting for it open, instead these youths were having a day at the races!

The roads around a Household Waste & Recycling Centre in Lincolnshire were like a scene from a Fast & Furious movie on Sunday, even as the rest of the UK continues with social distancing measures.

Farsight’s remote monitoring team called in the police services, but this is not the first time anti-social behaviour like this has blighted Lincolnshire.

In fact in 2016, following many complaints of anti-social behaviour, North Kesteven District Council introduced a Public Space Protection Order at Metheringham airfield to stop it being used as a racetrack by up to 100 cars and motorbikes. Its aim was to prevent motor vehicle gatherings, speeding or racing, obstruction of the highway, convoys or stunts, causing risk or harm to people / property and causing undue annoyance from amplified music.

However, it is seems that this type of anti-social behaviour has returned to the street of Lincolnshire, with the events this past weekend on the roads surrounding a Household Waste &Recycling centre (HWRC) adding to recent reports of complaints from residents  who are up in arms about the resurgence of this type of anti-social behaviour.  

Of course, this kind of anti-social behaviour is not just localised to Lincolnshire, there are numerous reports around the country of boy racers causing public disturbance on the UK’s empty streets during lockdown:

Sex, drugs and boy racers: Anti-social incidents blight Lincoln car parks  – Lincoln March 2020

Watch as boy racers laugh off coronavirus fears with illegal meet-up near Star City –  Birmingham March 2020

Boy racers ignore safety advice and descend on London’s empty streets London March 2020

Dashcam footage shows boy racers ‘using roads as racetrack’North Wales March 2020

The cost of anti-social behaviour and related crimes to UK businesses

Car crime, with a car being stolen in the UK every nine minutes and increasing incidents involving anti-social behaviour like this has a massive affect on not just public spaces, but also on businesses across the UK.

With 1 in 5 businesses across the UK being affected by crime, many are having to rethink their business security to protect their premises, assets and people. Anti-social behaviour and petty crime is costing UK businesses £9.8 billion a year.

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