Back to safety thanks to Farsight

Latest incident : CCTV camera

Occasionally, Farsight’s remote monitoring services stretch beyond protecting sites from threats posed by intruders. They may also help protect vulnerable individuals or save sites from environmental dangers.

In broad daylight, on Saturday 14th February, Farsight operators received an alarm from a closed site in Lancaster. The perimeter of the site had been breached.

Being it at the weekend, with no employees expected on site, the Farsight team were quick to monitor the site’s cameras.

As a result, a Farsight operator identified a lone youth intruding on the site. The police and site’s key holders were immediately called, making them aware of the situation.

The police reacted quickly and arrived on the site to detain the individual. Later, the police informed Farsight that the youth had in fact run away from his care home. The police safely returned the youth to the home.

Both police and care home were grateful to Farsight for reacting so swiftly, and ensuring the safe return of the individual.

On the back of this incident on one of our monitored sites, we’ve put together five tips to improve perimeter security. Whether you’re a site owner or security installer, it’s essential that site perimeters are secure and effective.

Tips to improve perimeter security:

  1. Make sure you can see through any security fencing or hedges – it allows those on site and/or the remote monitoring station to see intruders as they try to breach boundaries. If you’re an installer, you’ll want to keep this in mind when designing the security system too.
  2. Provide employees who will be on the site with a written statement of key security procedures. This should include how to secure the boundary of the site and what to do if they think there has been a breach.
  3. Make it clear that vehicles must not be parked next to the boundary. Whether it’s a hedge or fencing. A vehicle makes for an easy step-down for intruders into your site. It can also act as a quick way for intruders to flee a site, by giving them a step-up over the boundary.
  4. Place clear signs around your boundary as a deterrent to intruders. Signs stating that you’re using CCTV are a lawful requirement but they also signify to intruders that they will be ‘caught on camera’.
  5. Regularly complete a boundaries check. Have a responsible individual check your site’s boundaries for any breaches – such as panels in fencing being knocked down or foliage at risk of covering surveillance cameras.