Bank holiday break-in

Industrial security and CCTV

For most people the bank holiday is made for kicking back and relaxing but for Farsight we’re as vigilant as ever, providing 24/7 security. It’s incidents like the one below that go to show why that vigilance is vital.

The incident

In the early hours of Saturday 23 May, at 02:36, Farsight received an alarm for a closed industrial site in Barnsley.

On reviewing footage from the alarm, Farsight identified two intruders trying to gain access to a container on the site. Immediately, the Farsight operator issued an audio warning telling the intruders that they were on private property and being monitored on live CCTV. The Farsight operators asked them to leave the site.

This warning seemed to spook the intruders, who quickly exited the site.

However, at 04:12, the intruders tried their luck for a second time – underestimating the vigilance of the Farsight team. They were seen trying to remove a space heater through a hole in the fence they had made earlier.

Again the Farsight operator issued an audio warning but this time the intruders were more determined.

Recognising that the intruders were not going to abandon their attempt to steal the heater, the Farsight operator updated both key holder company and police, letting them know of the urgency of the situation.

The results

By 04:30 the key holder company – Doyle Security – were seen on site with a canine unit. They detained the intruders until the police arrived to make an official arrest. Later on the police informed Farsight that all stolen property was successfully recovered.

This incident goes to show that effective security systems and remote CCTV monitoring are a necessity, especially when sites are at their most vulnerable such as when they are unoccupied during holiday times.

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Even with effective perimeter security measures in place, closed sites still benefit hugely from remote monitoring services that can monitor both perimeters and within sites. The benefits of this are two fold: CCTV operators can identify individuals trying to access your site and monitor movement of intruders within your site to update the police and key holders as necessary.

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Featured image: Creative Commons “CCTV” by Sean Murray, licensed under CC by 2.0