Car forecourt criminals detained

Car forecourt

Our operational team acted swiftly in the early hours of 7th March and prevented substantial criminal damage from potentially happening.

Trespassers were seen entering a car forecourt and were quickly detected by the Farsight security team. The operator immediately issued a security announcement over the site’s PA (public announcement) system, warning the trespassers that they had been seen and requesting they left the premises.

Following the announcement, the individuals remained on the premises and proceeded to illegally enter a restricted area. This illegal move instantly made the Farsight operator take further action by calling the police. At the same time the key holders were alerted of the situation so they were fully aware of the situation.

The police arrived on site within ten minutes of the operator’s call. They made the appropriate decision to detain and remove the individuals.

The swift and expertly judged actions of the operator meant that no damage was done to the site, or to the site’s numerous assets. This could have been very different had the vigilance of the Farsight team not been in place with the means of remote monitoring systems. The site’s key holder later confirmed that the site suffered no damage from the event, after they had fully assessed the premises.