What are CCTV audio warning announcements?

CCTV Audio Warning deterrent


Audio warnings are announcements made via a site’s security system. These announcements can be heard at the site but are issued by security operators based away from the site, normally at a remote monitoring station.

The audio warning process:
A security detector installed at a site detects unusual activity.
The CCTV cameras will start to record footage.
This footage is then sent to the remote monitoring station where the security operator will review it.
The security operator will work to identify the cause of the alarm and at the same time start to monitor live footage from the CCTV cameras.
If the operator sees an unauthorised individual at the site they will speak into a microphone.
The operator will say a warning into the microphone, which is transmitted live to the site.
The intruder will hear the announcement.
It’s important to note that, in this case, the audio warning is a live announcement:

The announcement is made in reaction to an alarm and it is not pre-recorded. A live announcement makes the intruder aware that they are being monitored live and that the police will be notified if necessary.




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CCTV Audio Warnings

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