Intruder incidents at construction sites like this one have increased

construction site security


Intruder incidents at construction sites like this one have increased by 50% in recent months. CCTV remote monitoring provides a vital line of defence when perimeters are breached and sites are  left vulnerable to theft, loss and damage.

Farsight specialises in remote CCTV monitoring to help protect construction sites from breaches in security that can result in loss from theft and criminal damage.

The Construction Equipment Association (CEA) has reported a 50% surge in construction site crime rates since the coronavirus lockdown. The construction industry is being urged to tighten security measures to defend sites from opportunistic thieves.

With high value plant equipment present on sites, construction sites are a target for thieves. Last year, theft and vandalism cost the construction industry £400 million.

A survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building revealed that 92% of construction firms were directly affected by petty crime, with 21% stating that their construction sites were robbed on a weekly basis.

How can construction sites optimise their security?

Farsight have produced a series of articles to help construction businesses to plan and consider their security options:

guide to construction site security

As part of your security arsenal, CCTV can be an effective security measure, if not a vital one, for when a construction site’s security perimeter is breached by an intruder. However, ensuring the right equipment is in place is essential as well as choosing the right remote monitoring partner.  Here are some things to consider:

CCTV Camera positioning

Where your CCTV cameras are positioned is crucial in ensuring your site is covered and your security is optimised.  This guide will help….

where to position cctv cameras

Why security lighting makes all the difference

When used in conjunction with CCTV, lighting becomes a powerful tool for security operators to quickly identify and act upon illegal or dangerous activity. Especially when that security lighting is IR. Read more here about how effective lighting systems can help optimise your construction site:

why security lighting makes all the difference

Choosing the right remote CCTV monitoring partner

Choosing security suppliers is a high involvement purchase. Site owners and facilities managers will be making a big investment when purchasing security – whether that’s the installation of CCTV or the remote monitoring of a system.

In the case of remote monitoring, it’s essential that the site owner considers a few factors that will make or break whether their alarms are answered and their site is protected. Here are 15 factors to consider when choosing the right remote monitoring partner:


Choosing a remote CCTV monitoring partner

Let’s talk about optimising your security with remote CCTV monitoring

If you want peace of mind that your property, people and assets are being protected by proactively preventing intruder related incidents – we can help. Or if you are a security systems installer working within the construction sector looking to partner with us, we would love to speak.

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