2021 Crime Surge Continues This July…

Crime Surge July


This July Farsight’s CCTV operators responded to 16% more incidents that were escalated to keyholders and blue light services than July last year.  Back in April we predicted and prepared ourselves for a post-lockdown crime surge. So far we have not been wrong.

In fact, our remote security monitoring team issued a staggering 9,936 CCTV audio warnings in July this year, an effective measure in deterring unauthorised intruder incidents from progressing further.  This was 11% more than the number of audio warnings issued in June, showing that incidents of this type are continuing to increase at sites that we monitor across the UK.

Farsight has seen crime steadily increasing since April following the relaxing of lockdown restrictions.  This echoes crime figures reported by UKCrimeStats from England, Wales and Northern Ireland between April and June 2021…

Crime statistics 2021

July figures are not reflected as yet, but no doubt these will show a continued increase.

Has crime affecting businesses increased in 2021?

The BBC recently reported that according to figures released by the ONS,  Crime recorded by police in England and Wales fell by 8% in 2020 as periods of lockdown caused theft reports to drop.  A further BBC report looking at what happened to crime during the pandemic stated that ‘Robbery and theft dropped dramatically during 2020 for the simple reason that there were fewer people out and about. If everyone is at home all the time, it’s rather difficult to burgle a house’.

With so many businesses standing empty during the lockdowns, Farsight alarm & CCTV operators were busier than ever – as were criminals looking to exploit vulnerable businesses across the UK.

In terms of providing a national picture of business crime figures for 2020/2021,  The Commercial Victimisation Survey (CVS) which was paused during 2019, while a review was undertaken to assess user needs, has been further delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fieldwork for the year ending March 2021 survey has now commenced and results will be published in March 2022.

However, looking at London as an example, the Metropolitan Police have recorded an increase in crimes affecting businesses between April and July this year…

London Crime Figures 2021

Business Burglaries Surge in London

Continuing with using London as an example and looking at burglaries affecting businesses specifically, figures reported on the Metropolitan Police Business Crime Dashboard  show a definite increase:

London Burglary Statistics 2021

These figures, in our view, broadly reflect a similar increase in burglary incidents affecting businesses across the country. These show a further increase in July too… prompting the question:

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