Drunken intruders – no match for Farsight

Construction site

We monitor a variety of sites to an exceptional standard, including vulnerable construction sites that are left deserted during the night and open to intruders.

In the early hours of the 21st May, Farsight operators detected unusual activity on a construction located in the South West of Inner City London. The operators quickly identified two males, both intoxicated, trespassing on the site.

At the risk of their own health and the welfare of the site, the Farsight operators detected the intruders walking on dangerously high scaffolding. Immediately, the Farsight operator issued an audio warning – making the intruders aware that they had been detected and that they were illegally present on private premises.

At the same time, the police were notified of this illegal and dangerous activity and the key holder was immediately made aware of the entire situation.

The police arrived swiftly on site, and arrested both men. Later in the day, the key holder of the construction site let Farsight know that – thankfully – no damage had been done to the site. The key holder was delighted with how quickly and efficiently Farsight had responded to the intrusion, which could have had far more serious consequences.