Farsight Issued 9,416 CCTV Audio Deterrent Warnings

cctv audio warnings


In September Farsight’s fronline CCTV operators delivered a whopping 9,416 CCTV Audio Deterrent Warnings to prevent incidents from progressing further. These real time auditory warnings are delivered while our operators have the intruders in their sights. These warnings can be a very effective deterrent indeed.

So how do CCTV audio deterrent warnings work?

This simple animated video outlines how CCTV audio deterrent warnings work:


How effective are CCTV audio deterrent warnings?

CCTV audio warnings are issued in real time, as soon as we receive an alarm notification that an unauthorised visitor is on your premises. This type of rapid response enables Farsight’s experienced team to patrol your premises with CCTV cameras and confront the intruder(s) straight away so they know they have been spotted and their movements are being watched and recorded.

The audio announcements tell them that the police will be called. Audio warnings deliver a real deterrent if a sites’s security has been breached and can prove an effective deterrent – stopping any further loss through theft, damage or criminal damage on a premises.

If you would like to know more about CCTV audio warnings, our blog ‘what are audio warnings and how do they work?’ digs in deeper to this most efficient security deterrent.


CCTV Audio Warnings

Let’s talk about optimising your security with CCTV audio deterrent warnings

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