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As the country remains gripped in the hold of its third Covid-19 lockdown, most kids are back to online learning, with many schools only open to the children of keyworkers or the the vulnerable.  Laptops for kids are now crucial to online learning, but Ofcom estimates that between 1.14m and 1.78m children in total in the UK have no home access to a laptop, desktop or tablet.

Despite schools and councils receiving over 560,000 devices from the Government in 2020 to support remote education with more promised, demand for devices is outstripping the supply available causing charities all over the country to step in to help meet the shortfall to provide #accesstolearning for children and young people to prevent them falling behind in their education.

The media has been running some high profile campaigns to raise awareness and encourage businesses to donate laptops to a range of charities that recycle them and get them to schools and parents that really need them for their kids to progress in their learning.  These include the BBC’s ‘Make a difference – give a laptop’ campaign and the  Daily Mail’s ‘Computers for kids’ initiative which launched recently Many of the charities involved in providing laptops for schools can receive laptops, wipe them and ready them for use.

Following a campaign run by Hereford Times appealing for laptops for Herefordshire schoolkids, Farsight responded.  We packed up a number of laptops last week which were sent to Laptops2Kids after meeting our stringent data protection criteria.


laptops for kids


As a Cyber Essentials certified business, Farsight is obviously very cautious about protecting our data and as part of our security precautions all hard drives were removed to prepare these prior to being sent. Laptops2kids install new hard drives along with software that is needed for these to be used by kids.

This is only a small gesture, but we truly hope that these laptops help the ongoing education of the kids who receive these laptops. We appeal to other business to donate any laptops that they can spare to this very worthy cause – the education of our future generations, and together we can all make a big difference.  A list of charities participating in the laptops for kids initiative countrywide can be seen on BBC radio’s link here: Give A Laptop

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