866 visually verified incidents escalated to police in March

CCTV Audio Warnings


In March Farsight’s CCTV remote monitoring operators delivered a whopping 9,477  ‘visually verified’ Audio Deterrent Warnings to prevent intruder incidents from progressing further. These ‘live’ auditory warnings are delivered while our operators have the intruders in their sights. Because incidents can be visually verified by our CCTV operators, they can act quickly to ensure intruders know they are being monitored in ‘real time’ by security professionals.

CCTV audio warnings can be an effective deterrent, and because the incidents are visually verified by our CCTV operators, the whereabouts of persistent intruders on site can be pin-pointed to help the police find and intercept them.

Our operators escalated a staggering 866 visually verified security incidents to emergency services – a stark reminder that just because the UK was still in lockdown in March, it didn’t mean that criminals were staying at home!

As lockdown eases this April, Farsight is bracing itself for a post-lockdown crime surge, similar to the one we saw following the easing of lockdown restrictions in 2020. We remain committed to vigilance, as always, to give our clients the peace of mind they need about their security – so they can get on with focussing on their businesses.

We encourage every business to think carefully about making sure they have the right security measures in place to protect their premises, people and assets.

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What is a CCTV Audio Warning?

When your CCTV cameras detect unwanted visitors on your premises, Farsight’s remote CCTV operators receive a notification.

A Farsight CCTV operator then patrols the cameras on the site and issues a live audio warning announcement as a deterrent.

The audio warning announcement is transmitted to the site…


…to deter the unwanted visitors from progressing any further – before committing theft or criminal damage to your property.

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What happens when we have visually verified an incident on your premises?

When your cameras detect unwanted visitors, Farsight takes action!

A Farsight operator patrols cameras to identify a visually verified incident, issues an audio announcement to deter the intruder if necessary, and calls the police and keyholders. All while simultaneously monitoring and reporting live updates to police and keyholders.

Farsight’s operators use our renowned YourSight platform to document and report incidents in chronological order, sent to you instantly, so you are never in the dark about what is happening at your premises.

CCTV Monitoring

YourSight will email you a notification explaining the incident or send a text message to your mobile. You can login to YourSight from your PC or mobile device to see exactly what is happening on your premises. It works like this…



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