Farsight monitor cloud-based video analytics solution, innoVi


An effective cloud-based video analytics solution is something the security industry has been itching to get its hands on for a while.

At Farsight we set new standards for remote monitoring, adopt the latest technology and continually strive to innovate. With that in mind, we have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to announce that our RVRC can now support Agent Vi’s innoVi: cloud-based video analytics software as a service (SaaS).

Joel Babb, IT manager at Farsight Security Services, explains:

“Agent Vi’s product innoVi is the analytics solution the industry was promised five years ago. Agent Vi is ahead of the game with powerful cloud-based video analytics processing.”

AgentViAgent Vi is equally delighted with Farsight’s move to become compatible with innoVi. Saul Gold, Business Development Manager for Agent Vi Cloud Services, said:

“For Agent Vi having a market leading central station like Farsight being able to monitor our product is a real boost for us.”

What are the benefits of innoVi?

Below we’ve summarised some of the strengths of innoVi for installers and end-users:

The benefits for installers

By ensuring our remote monitoring station can work with a wide range of security hardware and software solutions, we provide installers with the flexibility they need to make the best recommendations for individual sites.

By adopting the latest technology, we can open up doors for installers to new and groundbreaking surveillance methods. As Chris Shields, UK sales manager at Farsight, explains:

“Farsight are really looking forward to working closely with Agent Vi, I feel their partnership can allow us to offer something different to our customers and is a welcome addition to our portfolio of supported systems.”

Agent Vi and innoViinnoVi is easy to setup and configure with no calibration required. The service can be applied to existing or new installations, for any IP camera that supports RTSP / ONVIF or for any analog camera using a supported encoder. Furthermore, maintenance is straightforward thanks to the cloud infrastructure, making upgrades immediately available.

Installers also benefit from the ability to apply analytics operations to groups of cameras, whilst also feeling confident that only a low bandwidth is required for the software to work – as no video needs to be streamed to the cloud.

The benefits for end-users

The key benefit for end-users lies in the accurate real-time event detection offered by innoVi. Essentially that means a security system equipped with innoVi will be able to distinguish between an event that could be a threat to a site and a false alert (find out what a false alert is in our security terms glossary).

Better event detection ultimately means less false alerts, which means the end-user’s remote monitoring station, like Farsight, can focus on dealing with real threats and making a real difference to the security of sites.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we monitor your sites or the sites you install and maintain, please get in touch with us. We would be happy to run through the various security solutions we are able to support, including innoVi.

You can find out more about innoVi on the Agent Vi website.