Farsight Security Customer Update: Coronavirus

Farsight remote CCTV monitoring


Following on from our update last week, the recent developments around novel coronavirus (COVID-19), may cause some changes to the way a number of our customers operate their businesses in the short term.

Efficiently monitoring the safety and security of our customers’ premises and business sites is our core business focus during these challenging times. With this in mind, we would like to keep communication channels open with our customers to ensure that our services can remain consistent and effective.

If you are implementing any changes to the way you operate, these may have a direct knock on that could affect the ways we currently work together to keep your sites safe. These types of changes may include:

  • Amended business hours
  • Staffing levels
  • Shift working patterns
  • Alternate or replacement key holders
  • New contact details – email / telephone numbers, which of course must be kept up to date
  • Stock level fluctuations
  • Increased risk of theft or break-ins
  • Please keep us informed of any changes that will help us continue to monitor your premises with the efficiency, vigilance and commitment that you are used to from Farsight.

We remain accessible to discuss your needs as they evolve which may include agreed extensions to monitoring periods should this be necessary for your business or even the need for call centre support if required.

You may of course continue to communicate with your Farsight Account Manager or regular point of contact, but if you are unsure, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0845 371 0101 or email: [email protected]

In addition, we request that due diligence is given to the way businesses premises are left if partially or fully unattended for any length of time to reduce intruder risks and help reduce false alarms coming in to Farsight’s remote monitoring centre. For example:

  • Stock, equipment or boxes left near perimeter fences can provide foothold and/or concealment for intruders.
  • Loose covers should be secured, especially with the recent high winds as environmental issues can cause high levels of false alarm coming into Farsight’s remote monitoring centre.
  • Flags, banners or promotional signage should be stowed away where possible (like those used at automotive dealer ships and petrol station forecourts, for instance).
  • External lighting should be checked to ensure this provides the necessary illumination of your premises for CCTV footage to be efficient.
  • Security equipment, such as CCTV cameras, detectors and audio equipment should be adequately maintained and working efficiently – even simple things like cob-webs, bird droppings and such like can have a negative effect on CCTV monitoring visibility.
  • For further info please see our blog: How to maintain your security if your business is affected by the Coronavirus

For further info please see our blogs:

How to maintain your security if your business is affected by the Coronavirus.

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We shall continue to keep you updated through this challenging period, and assure our customers our best attention at all times. In the meantime, if you have any questions please do get in contact with Farsight team.  Call us on 0845 371 0101 or email us via our online contact form.