Final security check before Christmas & New Year: Have you forgotten something?

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As thousands of businesses prepare to close their business premises for the Christmas and New Year festive periods, it is imperative to carry out those final checks  to ensure that security is optimised and ready for the worst, should it happen. This includes keeping those charged with maintaining your premises’ security up to date with anything that could affect how and when they do so.

Judging by the surge in incidents that Farsight has observed over recent months in the build up to the Christmas and New Year period, security providers and crime prevention agencies appear to be in for a busy time despite the tiered restrictions in place across the country.

Simple things can make a huge difference in helping them maximise their resources and efficiencies – and these are hinged on ‘communication.’

Some key final checks should include:

  1. Have you told your security monitoring station of changes in operating hours, closing times/opening times and dates?
  2. Have you updated the authorised keyholder details for your site? These may have changed for holiday season and your monitoring station needs to be able to contact the right people in case of emergency.
  3. Will anyone be on your site that your monitoring station needs to know about? If they don’t know, out of the ordinary or unauthorised trespassers would be treated as intruders. Revised hours for cleaners, staff visits, maintenance personnel and even security guards could cause unnecessary false alarms.

These may sound simple and obvious, but with everything else going on at this time, it is easy to overlook the small things that could negatively affect business site security – and well worth just double checking for peace of mind.

A good example of the simple things being overlooked happened just the other night, which illustrates the importance of those final checks…

On a particularly dark night this week, the Farsight CCTV team were alerted to a potential intrusion at a commercial site and observed a man wearing a head torch wandering around.  Our records that we had received no notifications of any authorised visitors to the site at this time and so police were called in.  However, just one small detail had been omitted – the person was a security guard checking on the site.

Whilst this demonstrates that not much gets past our ‘eagle-eyed’ CCTV operators, it also constitutes a false alarm and is not viewed favourably by emergency services –  taking up police time which could easily have been avoided with proactive communication. In fact, police could actually de-prioritise a particular site following multiple false alarms at the same premises –  impacting negatively on the sites’ security.

Effective Communication is vital

Staying in touch with customers is important for any company; but for Farsight, a leading remote monitoring station, it is vital. For us to provide the effective remote security monitoring services that we are renowned for, it is essential that we maintain open and transparent lines of communication.

Farsight prides itself on how we communicate with our customers and you can read more here about how why communication is key to effective remote security monitoring.   Our custom developed in-house ‘two way’ communication platform – YourSight gives our clients and installers complete visibility on both incidents and faults allowing them to stay on top of their monitored security systems.


Let us know about changes to your site security needs

We reminded our customers recently to let us know about any changes, such as those mentioned above, that could impact their security effectiveness in our recent customer e-newsletter and indeed many customers have kept us in the loop.  However, if there are changes that you would like us to be aware of over this holiday period – please let us know by calling 0845 371 0101. Our central station will be open 24/7 over this period as always, delivering the ‘commitment to vigilance’ that Farsight is renowned for.

Want to know how Farsight’s CCTV Monitoring could improve your security this Winter?

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