Fire spotted by Farsight at Logistics Firm

Fire alarm cctv


On Wednesday evening the Farsight CCTV remote monitoring operators responded to an event activated alarm  from a thermal camera at one of our logistics sector client’s premises.  Their proactive and rapid response to the alarm proved invaluable as a fire was seen with real time CCTV footage.

The Farsight team notified the site’s security keyholders and alerted the emergency fire services (thank you @oldhamfireteam).  It is alarming how quickly this fire spread, as you can see in this image below – a few seconds later.  The fire can be clearly seen raging behind the truck at the top right of image.

fire cctv


As the logistics industry works hard during these challenging times to maintain our supply chains, the last thing this company needed was a fire at their premises.  Actually, it turned out to be a fire on neighbouring property, but left unchecked – you knows what could have happened…

Remote monitoring services by Farsight are not just about preventing crimes like burglaries, vandalism or criminal damage – they also protect business’ premises, assets and people –  as this incident demonstrates.

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As a leading remote monitoring security provider, Farsight supports businesses across a range business sectors including logistics. Read more about the effectiveness of CCTV monitoring and audio warnings. Read our article on supply chain & logistics security here.

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