News from the Magistrates Court: Imprisonment for burglars, thanks to Farsight


On Friday 11th April, Farsight operators detected suspicious activity occurring on one ofthe sites they monitor. Immediately, the operators initiated the process of checking the cause of alarm with the use of multiple, adjacent cameras and identifying whether there was a threat to the site’s security.

In this case, operators swiftly identified that there was a serious risk to the premises and called the police and key holders of the site.

This week, Farsight have been contacted by the Magistrate’s Court to inform them that the two intruders were successfully convicted with burglary and damaging property. The criminals both pleaded guilty at their hearing at Blackfriars Crown Court and have been sentenced to 30 months of imprisonment.

The conviction of the two criminals, as a result of Farsight’s vigilance, is yet another prime example of why security monitoring and CCTV are essential.