Wise installation and remote monitoring lead to an arrest

Issuing an audio warning

Remote monitoring and intelligent security system installation go hand in hand. One without the other and a site’s security could be put at risk.

In this incident, on Sunday 10 May, remote monitoring and a wise installation worked harmoniously and resulted in the successful arrest of an intruder.

The incident

Farsight Security Services received an alarm from a building site in South London at 13:56. However, the alarm that was received was a door alarm, which is triggered only when a door is opened or breached out of the expected hours.

In this case, the building site was not manned at the weekends, so when the door was breached an alarm was sent immediately to Farsight.

The operator in the Farsight Observatory received the alarm and rapidly answered it. As the alarm was a door alarm the operator knew a critical area to the site had been accessed; the installer had set up the door alarms on the ground floor access doors to the main building on the site.

Door alarms are very accurate and hugely benefit Farsight as the chance of a false alarm coming from such a system is almost nil. For example, they could not be activated by wildlife or overgrown foliage. As a result, in this incident the operator was able to answer the alarm whilst already anticipating that it would require police response.

The result

The operator verified the fact that police were required. The door had been breached so the police were called. Once they were on site, they were quick to make an arrest – restoring the site’s security once again.

Working togetherWhy intelligent installation and remote monitoring go hand in hand

This incident goes to show one of the many reasons why installation and remote monitoring work together to achieve the very best security for sites across the UK.

Farsight are lucky to work with some great installers. Here are our top four reasons why great security system installation and remote monitoring work together so well:

Blind spots will be avoided.

When CCTV cameras are installed, without proper attention to detail and planning, blind spots may occur. As a result, intruder could go undetected by the remote monitoring operators.

A fantastic security system could go unanswered.

Without the right remote monitoring response alarms from even the very best security systems could go unanswered – or even simply not answered fast enough.

Find out more about how Farsight answer alarms quicker and spend more time investigating the cause. 

False alarms could reduce effectiveness.

False alarms from cameras that are not sufficiently maintained could result in the remote monitoring station blocking alarms until the issue is resolved. Without rapid attention to the cause of the false alarms the results could be devastating for a site.

Intelligent security systems produce the best results.

Carefully planned and designed security systems will always provide the best results. With careful use of appropriate technology, alongside a remote monitoring station that can connect with and monitor that technology, sites will benefit from the very best security – in a cost-effective manner. This often involves integrating various elements of a security system, such as access control, systems control, video analytics, CCTV and fire and intruder alarms.

Find out how Farsight works with installers to provide exceptional security for sites in all sectors and of all sizes. Contact us today.