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CSL DualCom PSTN Switchover


With hundreds of thousands of phone line reliant alarm signalling systems out there, installers have a busy time ahead of the PSTN switchover with future proofing their customers’ alarm signalling systems.  But what are the options available to them? Farsight presents two product options from the CSL DualCom Pro range of signalling devices – the DigiAir Pro and GradeShift Pro.

As an installer you may be reading up on the start of the UK’s upgrade of the existing analogue phone service to an enhanced IP service known as “All IP” or “Digital Voice”.  This means no more PSTN to support those older alarm signalling systems that previously relied on analogue lines or “copper” to the exchange…

You’ll need to see how many customers and alarm signalling systems this will affect on your Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) portal, but what options do you have to keep your signalling base working and your customers happy?

You could rewire to the new router as there is no longer a PSTN option on the telephone socket, but this could mean disruption for  customers, a long time onsite and an unreliable power source for the signalling if the router is switched off or rebooted OR you could contact Farsight to order a CSL DualCom Pro alarm signalling system to upgrade and ‘future proof’ your customer’s security to ensure trouble free alarm monitoring.

The following video gives a simple overview of some of the issues the PSTN switchover will present to installers and their customers, along with some solutions to those issues from CSL DualCom.

CSL DualCom Pro products offer installers easier and faster installation of professional signalling systems with even greater resilience. CSL DualCom Pro systems are available as single path radio option – the CSL DigiAir Pro, or dual path radio radio – GradeShift Pro.

CSL DualCom Pro range – the ‘DigiAir Pro’

CSL DualCom DigiAir Pro

The DigiAir Pro uses a 4G world sim to send its signal from a protected premises to Farsight’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and is also supplied with a network standby sim to safeguard the system.

Designed for low to medium risk premises, it is an ideal upgrade for wired digital communicators, as it eliminates call costs and phone charges. Unlike older digital communicators DigiAir Pro
does not rely on copper to send a signal, so it is unaffected by Next Generation Networks (NGNs). This is the telephone network upgrade from copper to fibre, which accommodates higher speed broadband services.

DigiAir Pro is small enough to fit into any existing control panels. It can be supplied complete with a compact power supply to provide a more aesthetically pleasing finish too. DigiAir is certified & approved to the prestigious EN50136 standards  and is directly quoted by leading insurers.


alarm monitoring To order or find out more call Farsight on 0845 371 0101 or contact us here



CSL DualCom Pro range – ‘GradeShift Pro’

GradeShift Pro is the dual path, dual radio alarm signalling system from CSL.  This ‘Radio Radio’ option uses two active world 4G sims, one as the primary and one as the secondary path. Each sim operates on an independent network from the other and their own radio module for total resilience. A third standby sim acts as a back-up to the primary sim on the primary path.

Historically, dual path systems have required tow completely separate technologies. Today, the latest standard highlight the requirement for two or more network interfaces. GradeShift Pro’s radio radio variant offers exactly that. GradeShift Pro provides totally wireless dual path alarm signalling, to all grades – for both intruder and fire.


alarm monitoring To order or find out more call Farsight on 0845 371 0101 or contact us here


 Alarm signalling ‘future-proofed’ with the CSL Dual Com Pro range


With these CSL DualCom Pro product options available from Farsight, Installer Steve now has the peace of mind that his customer’s can have a future-proofed signalling base that does not rely on analogue lines, which he can manage via the MyBase app.

Further installer resources

It is important to future proof your alarm systems, and as a leading Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), Farsight can only respond to alarms that we actually receive. It is important to ensure your alarm signalling systems are fully operational and reliable. If you need an upgrade to your systems we are happy share our advice – contact us here .

Get the installation guide for the CSl DualCom Pro signalling systems here:

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