Hooded intruders arrested at prestigious car dealership

Car forecourt

Three individuals, all wearing hooded jumpers to conceal their identity, were detected on a site monitored by Farsight. The intruders trespassed on the site, a car forecourt of a prestigious car manufacturer in Leeds, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The Farsight operator acted quickly to reinstate the security of the site by issuing an audio warning. The warning alerted the intruders to the fact they had been detected and that if they did not leave the site immediately, the police would be notified. Despite the operator’s quick thinking and effectively issued audio warnings, the intruders persisted with their suspicious behaviour.

Due to the operator’s experience and vigilance, they knew there was imminent danger to the welfare of the car forecourt. Without hesitation, the operator notifiedpolice of the incident and called the key holder to make them aware of the intrusion.

Both police and key holder arrived on the site within minutes of the operator’s call.

As the incident unfolded, the Farsight operator made use of fully functional, perfectly maintained, domed security cameras. These cameras allowed the operator to follow the intruders’ movements and relay the information to both police and key holders. Even as the police were on site, the operator was able to follow the movements of the intruders and provide information to the police in attendance.

The skills of the Farsight operator, along with security technology installed on the site, ensured an exceptional security system was in place. Thanks to this, and with the collaboration of the police, key holder and operator, the three intruders were quickly arrested.

Unfortunately, one car window was discovered to have been smashed during the intrusion. This car was secured for the rest of the night, until a new window could be fitted.

If Farsight had not acted so swiftly there could have been much more extensive damage caused. Instead, the security of the site was maintained and the criminals were arrested.