Farsight Sees Record Number of Incidents on CCTV in June

June Crime Incidents From Farsight


Following the relaxation of lockdown restrictions since April this year, we have seen a surge in alarms and incidents across the UK.  Back in May we published an article focussing on the surge in incidents that our remote CCTV monitoring team responded to. However, this surge  in incidents on CCTV continued into June too, with our team responding to a staggering 135,000 more alarms than in June last year.

In fact, Farsight CCTV operatives escalated a whopping 57% more incidents to keyholders/blue light emergency services than in June 2020.  They also issued a massive 8,944 audio CCTV deterrent warnings to prevent incidents from progressing.

Audio warnings issued by our trained CCTV operatives whilst they have a live view of an incidents can be a highly effective security measure to stop an incident in its tracks. Read more about CCTV Audio Warnings in our article: What are audio warnings and how do they work?


What are CCTV audio warning announcements? - Farsight

With the increased freedom of movement following the relaxation of lockdown restrictions, knock on affects to supply chain interruptions and delays as well as rising values and demand for stolen goods on the black-market, the crime surge that we are seeing seems set to continue if the incidents on CCTV that we see is anything to go by.

Some crime trends that we raise as incidents on CCTV that continue to blight businesses across the UK include vehicles at commercial premises being targeted by thieves wanting to get their hands on car parts like catalytic converters which can be removed in minutes, literally. For more info about this trend read these articles:

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Again in June, it became clear that organised criminal gangs had businesses within the  transport & logistics sector, industrial estates as well as rural business and farms firmly in their sights too.

However, not all alarm activations are intruder incidents. With restrictions being eased of late, many businesses are showing signs of increased activity, and whilst not all are operating ‘normally’, we are noticing increased staff activity at business sites.   In many cases, staff working hours and locations of working are changing making it more difficult for our CCTV operatives to know who should be on a particular site and who shouldn’t.  Staff or intruder?

Each and every alarm activation is responded to by the renowned Farsight CCTV operations team – one incident at a time to ensure that our clients’ properties, assets and people are kept safe by a monitoring partner that gives its undivided attention. Open communication between businesses and their remote monitoring station is therefore crucial at times like these to minimise alarms triggered by staff on site from unexpected visits.

Now is a good time optimise business security

Taking into account the surge in security incidents that our team saw in 2020 following the easing of lockdown restrictions, in April we predicted and prepared ourselves for another surge this year – which has proved right thus far. Read Will UK Crime Surge Post-Lockdown?

lockdown security

Will the 19th July rapidly approaching, things are set to change for many businesses when the UK’s position on restrictions relating to the pandemic are announced.  This will affect how many businesses operate and now is a good time for them to rethink the security measures that are in place to ensure their premises, assets and people are protected.

How can Farsight help optimise your security?

Effective CCTV monitoring has become a crucial element to consider when optimising businesses security to protect premises, assets and people.

So, how does remote CCTV monitoring work?

In our experience, combining CCTV monitoring with live, proactive audio warnings can be particularly effective in deterring security incidents before they progress. In fact, during 2020 Farsight CCTV alarm operators issued a mammoth 119,901 audio deterrent warnings and progressed almost 10,000 incidents to blue light services demonstrating a proactive security deterrent approach rather than a retrospective one.

As a leading UK based remote monitoring station, Farsight works with security systems installers and business sites across multiple industry sectors to help protect their premises, assets and people with our range of security monitoring services.  Our services Include:

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