Late night intruders tracked and detained at local school

Effective Surveillance with video analytics

Out of term time primary school playgrounds, with their wide-open spaces, climbing frames and other equipment can make attractive hangouts for bored youths and even intoxicated individuals late at night. 

However, this is unacceptable. Primary schools are strictly off limits outside of opening hours, especially to those who do not attend or work there. 

When teachers and pupils are absent in the holidays some schools, mindful of the risks posed by unauthorised guests, contract remote security specialists such as the Farsight team to keep their premises safe at night.

The Incident

At approximately midnight on Monday 30 May, warning alarms were triggered in the Farsight control room originating from the grounds of a primary school in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Our team of security experts immediately checked CCTV footage from the site. They spotted three adults in the playground who, evidently trying to discover their inner child, were playing on equipment meant for the under tens who attended the school.

It was hardly covert. The three people activated security lights with motion sensors as they entered the school premises, making them easy to track and identify. 

The Result

Witnessing this bizarre and brazen behaviour, our sharp-eyed control room operators immediately called local police, who rushed to the scene. The three man-children made a break for it, but police caught and detained two of them at the site. 

Although this story has a light-hearted edge it isn’t funny. Security in schools must be paramount to ensure the protection of their pupils, especially with heightened fears of a UK terror attack. 

This incident shows how the Farsight team can quickly gather intelligence through effective surveillance, before taking prompt action against intruders.