Late-night loiterers arrested in a flash

Construction site arrest


The Farsight team are used to some pretty odd CCTV occurrences. From random vandalism to bungled burglaries and misdemeanour, you might say our operators have “seen it all”. That was quite literally the case for one of the team earlier this month, when they helped remove suspicious loiterers from a busy Surrey industrial estate.

The Incident

On February 2 at 00:48 Farsight received an alarm from a closed industrial estate, home to a number of nationwide garage and hardware chain businesses.

Initially, the first alarm notification showed nothing untoward – however the thorough, highly trained operator knew well to check cameras across the site.

Three suspicious men were spotted smoking and chatting, and, even more of a concern, loitering around an open fire door which gave them access to the building.

The Result

It was unclear if the loiterers were genuine staff, or had some legal access to the building and estate, so our operator gave a live audio announcement to warn them of the site’s closed, monitored status and asking them to identify themselves or leave.

One of the individuals became aggressive and started gesticulating towards the nearby camera. Following another pertinent announcement from the remote security operator, the aforementioned individual then decided to expose himself in the general direction of the camera and continue to be aggressive.

Our perturbed operator then went back to double-check notifications for the Surrey site, and was confident there was no expectation of staff or individuals on site at such a late hour. Meanwhile, the suspicious persons moved back inside the building, closing the fire door.

The Farsight watchman had in his own words “seen enough”, and now sure of the loiterers trespassing, he called the police.

The authorities arrived on site at 1am just ten minutes after the first alarm pinged through to our operator, and one person was arrested.

Aside from being more viewing than our staff had bargained for, this incident also demonstrated the importance of having Farsight on call to give thorough monitoring and incident management at a closed site, and tracking and warning trespassers.