London site saved again

Remote facilities management

On the 16th March we reported on an arrest made, as a result of Farsight operators’ vigilance. The incident occurred in the hub of London’s metropolitan area and two people were detained as a result.

Following this event, at 04:26 on Monday morning a Farsight operator noticed suspicious activity at the same London site. The operator detected individuals trespassing in a restricted area, which triggered them to act appropriately and maintain the security of the site – an office building.

In this case, the site does not have audio included as part of its security-monitoring package. This means that once Farsight’s operators have detected intruders on a site, they call the police and await their arrival: intruders can be on site for a longer period, potentially leading to an increased risk of criminal damage. If there had been audio in place, the Farsight operator could swiftly issue an audio announcement to alert the intruders they are illegally present on a restricted site, and they must leave otherwise the police will be informed. This often leads to individuals fleeing the premises immediately.

Regardless, Farsight’s team act swiftly each and every time an alarm is raised. In this instance, they called the police, immediately alerted the site’s key holders of the incident and kept both parties informed of the intruder’s movements.

As a result of Farsight’s remote security monitoring and vigilance the police subsequently arrested the intruder.