Policing safety at Petrol Stations with remote CCTV

CCTV remote monitoring petrol station


Remotely monitored CCTV is an important deterrent against crime such as burglaries, theft, vandalism and even arson.  CCTV operators respond quickly to event activated alarms, enabling them to issue audio warning to prevent incidents progressing or escalating the incident to keyholders and/or emergency services.

Of course, CCTV monitoring is not just about cops and robbers, it is also instrumental in ensuring the safety of a business premises, its people and the general public.

A good example of how remote CCTV monitoring can be used effectively to safeguard against risks posed by people acting dangerously is this incident that happened yesterday at an unmanned petrol station forecourt – pictured above.

Whilst it is perfectly legal to fill up a container with fuel at a petrol station, there are safety requirements that must be adhered to.  Using inadequate storage containers, when combined with highly combustible fuel is a recipe for disaster.  In fact, the BBC report that the AA say they are “desperately worried” about people storing petrol and diesel which it describes as “incredibly, incredibly dangerous”.

Petrol stations are strict when it comes to monitoring containers being used, in line with HSE guidelines which generally stipulate that 5 litre plastic or 10 litre metal containers are acceptable.  In this case, even though this particular petrol station was unmanned, our CCTV operators were able to issue an audio warning and stop this incident from progressing any further.

Just because a petrol station is not manned, it doesn’t mean no one is watching!

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