Problems accessing a Barix Annuncicom 100? We have the answer

Problem with the Barix Annuncicom

Being able to issue clear, reliable audio warnings (also known as audio announcements or challenges) is often a key part of the remote monitoring service we provide at Farsight Security Services.

For a long time, the Barix Annuncicom 100 has been the go-to device for Farsight customers – allowing us to deliver those audio warnings, a big deterrent to intruders, directly to their site.

However, recently we’ve encountered a peculiar problem with the IP paging and intercom code devices. We have noticed the units automatically become password protected without any intervention. No one applies a password or update to the device.

We believe this may be a result of an automatic update being downloaded by the unit, although we cannot confirm this.

The result is the unit is password protected, without any parties involved – the customer, installer or us, the remote monitoring station – aware of what the username or password is.

Unable to access the device as an admin user, the setup cannot be accessed either. As a consequence, Farsight cannot stream audio through the device to issue an audio warning to a site. The Barix Annuncicom 100 is completely locked out and rendered useless.

The Farsight team were quick to recognise the issue and worked closely with installers to provide a solution – allowing Farsight to continue providing effective security services and remote monitoring.

As a result, Farsight have discovered the login restrictions applied unexpectedly are:

Username: barix
Password: barix

The steps installers need to take are:

  1. Enter the username and password above to access the setup
  2. Select ‘unprotected’ in the settings menu
  3. Factory default the unit
  4. Reapply the old network settings and old settings back to as they were

If you think you might be affected by this problem, please contact Farsight for an audio test and help to overcome the issue.

This is just one example of Farsight working with installers to provide solutions and technical support. Find out more about how we work could work with you here.