Security Essen: What you need to know if you couldn’t make it

Security Essen 2014 highlights

Last week we announced that Joel and Rob would be attending Security Essen 2014. As the 40th anniversary of the event they were anticipating it to be even bigger and better than before.

They certainly weren’t disappointed!

As the world’s leading security event, Security Essen packed out nearly all of the 18 halls and Galleria at Messe Essen near Dusseldorf, Germany. There were over 1,000 exhibitors from over 40 different countries – all exhibiting the latest in security and fire prevention technology and solutions.

The result was a buzzing event, with an astounding number of security professionals absorbing the fantastic range and diversity of products, innovations, solutions and services available.

We’ve put together some of the highlights of the event, with Joel and Rob’s own thoughts on what their findings at Security Essen mean for the future of security and where you could see some new ideas feeding into Farsight.

Condor and the EuroTraffic Alliance: One of the first stops for Joel and Rob was the Condor stand. Condor are a member of the newly formed EuroTraffic Alliance, which Farsight are also a UK member of. The EuroTraffic Alliance is a collaborative effort between security services throughout Europe. Together, the Alliance uses the latest technology and smooth communication to ensure that vehicles travelling across European borders are securely tracked at all times.

Raytec: Manufacturers of high performance LED illuminators for security systems, Raytec, were next on the list. Along with Farsight, Raytec are a subsidiary of the Optex Japan: the world’s leading manufacturer of intruder alarm and CCTV passive infrared detectors.

Optex EMEA: Following nicely on from Raytec, the Optex EMEA stand was the next stop at Security Essen 2014. Although the Optex team was hugely busy, visiting the stand gave Joel and Rob the opportunity to discuss exciting upcoming business ventures as a part of the Group – plus there was the chance to find out all about the latest Optex innovations.

Axis: One of the companies to really stand out at Security Essen was Axis Communications – a leading provider of security solutions. With a range of new products being promoted at the exhibition, visitors were able to explore the very latest in security technology.

And a few other highlights of Security Essen 2014:

Security camera technology: A game-changing innovation for security services was undoubtedly a single unit with eight HD fixed-lens cameras built in. The unit’s performance was outstanding, with a huge resolution and field of vision. Although remote monitoring stations such as Farsight don’t install such innovative technology, it has a big impact on the way our services work. If more technically advanced hardware is installed on site, Farsight operators will have the ability to analyse sites in far more detail and with exceptional clarity.

Indeed, the software designed specifically for the unit with eight HD fixed-lens cameras further highlighted how the technology could make a significant impact on the security industry. The software allows security operators to set up different images for monitoring simultaneously whilst using digital zoom in real time. During all this the camera would also remain static.

ANPR: The latest Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology was also on display at Security Essen 2014. The demonstration showed just how rapidly the ANPR cameras were able to detect, read and record a number plate – whilst also referencing to a database.

Drone Technology: One of the biggest topics being debated in security at the moment is drone technology. With reports that the MET Police will be using drone technology for crowd control, a drone company from the Netherlands was at Security Essen demonstrating the power of their innovations. Whether the technology is controversial or not, it was certainly impressive – particularly from the perspective of security monitoring when threats move or change over time. For instance, when a crowd (at an event or protest) progresses on a journey through a city, drone technology will allow security services to continually monitor the level of threat and preempt upcoming issues.

All together Security Essen 2014 was a huge success. The diversity of solutions and products on display was fantastic and the perfect opportunity for security professionals to get a wider grasp of how the industry as a whole is progressing.

Did you go to Security Essen 2014? If you did, what was the highlight for you?