‘Cell’fies almost lead intruders to the cells

We’re used to dealing with burglars and vandals – ensuring a quick response to incidents to minimise damage to a site and its assets. But sometimes, we deal with more unusual incidents…

The incident

On Sunday 19 March at 19:00, Farsight operators received an alarm from a Fiat car dealership in Stoke-on-Trent. Quickly reviewing footage from the alarm, operators spot two people with nothing better to do than look at cars on a Sunday evening.

Although nothing particularly unusual to start with, the operators stayed vigilant.

Indeed, their suspicions were right – the browsers returned at 19:50 and the operators noticed, this time round, the intruders were intending to do more than just look at cars.

The two individuals were seen testing the handles of cars displayed on the forecourt. Our operator swiftly issued an audio warning and called the police, recognising the danger to the site’s assets.

While the police were en route to the dealership, the Farsight operator continued to monitor the incident as it unfolded. At which point it took a strange turn….

The intruders, who by now had found an unlocked vehicle, opened all the doors, bonnet and boot and proceeded to take selfies with the car!

Content with that car, they moved on to another to do exactly the same thing.

The result

Ultimately even a selfie stick wasn’t enough to outstretch the long arm of the law.

The police arrived at the dealership, and directed by a Farsight operator, headed straight to the car the intruders were sitting in. The police swiftly arrested the individuals.

With no damage done to the cars, and despite the evidence on the individuals’ phones, the police gave the intruders a warning and subsequently released them.