Skip is not prime-pickings for intruders

Remote facilities management

“Waste not, want not” might have been the attitude of these intruders but when a skip is on private property and individuals are trespassing to access that skip, security services need to act swiftly…

The incident

On Sunday 11 September 2016, Farsight Security Services received an alarm from a closed site in the Catford area.

Knowing there is no rest for intruders over the weekend, Farsight operators immediately checked CCTV footage from the alarm. They were quick to observe several individuals rifling through a skip. They proceeded to remove items from the skip and load them into a waiting van.

The Farsight operators swiftly issued an audio warning to the site, requesting that the individuals leave the site immediately.

The result

Farsight operators continued to monitor the CCTV footage live from the site, closely watching the intruders’ next move. The intruders failed to heed the operator’s warning to leave the site and continued to remove goods from the skip.

Farsight operators immediately called the police to notify them of the burglary. Within nine minutes of the call the police arrived on the site and quickly arrested two people.

Whilst this was occurring, Farsight operators continued to monitor footage and informed the nominated keyholder, providing them with information and updates about the incident. The keyholder arrived at the site a little later to ensure it was secured once again.

Tips for improving close site security

In this incident, it’s important to remember that although the goods in the skip were clearly for disposal, the intruders being on site still posed a security risk:

  • They could leave damage to the site’s perimeters that could compromise the security of the site going forward, if undetected.
  • The intruders could go on to access other areas of the site and continue their burglary elsewhere.
  • Contents of the skip could still, through error, contain confidential information that is yet to be destroyed. This could compromise the site from a cybersecurity point of view too.

With this in mind, we’ve put together three of our top tips, specifically for improving closed site security:

1. Check perimeters

Regularly check the perimeters of your site. Make sure there are no easy access points for intruders like:

  • Fallen fence panels or damaged security fencing
  • Faulty security gates or access control
  • Items like vehicles, fallen branches or rubbish that could provide intruders with a ‘step up’ over fencing

2. Introduce remote monitoring

This incident clearly shows the importance of remote monitoring for closed sites. Without the quick thinking of Farsight operators, the intruders could have made away with the goods from the skip and left the site vulnerable to further intrusions.

3. Ensure you have a reliable keyholder

The keyholder’s arrival on site is very important in this incident. They were able to ensure any breaches to the security of the site, caused by the intruders, were rectified quickly.