Spot the Intruder #2


Can you spot the intruder in this CCTV image?


Last week Farsight’s eagle eyed CCTV operators responded to an intruder incident at a car dealership in Romford, calling in a police dog unit to apprehend the assailant. Of course, it is not always easy to spot intruders – and they aim not to be detected.

See the bottom of this blog to see where the intruder is lurking to avoid being seen>

Farsight’s team respond to thousands of event activated alarms every day (&night).  As an experienced and highly trained team of alarm & CCTV operators, they don’t miss much!

In fact, last week they responded to 99.3% event activated alarms in under 180 seconds – way above industry minimum standards.

A factor that sets Farsight apart is HOW our CCTV operators monitor incidents. When asked, many people conjure up this sort of image of how they would expect a CCTV monitoring station to be set up:


Indeed, some remote monitoring stations may operate like this, but here at Farsight we do things differently.  We believe that ‘operator overload’ from observing too many screens and sites at the same time isn’t the most efficient way of monitoring our clients’ sites.

Those of you who have tried and failed to find all the characters in the ‘Where’s Wally’ books will appreciate how it is so difficult to find something specific when there is simply too much going on around it.

Farsight CCTV operators focus on one incident at a time.

Once an event activated alarm is received by Farsight’s operational centre, our remote monitoring team check footage from each alarm – one clip at a time, as well as accessing live footage as needed. This is done on one dedicated incident monitoring screen in front of each operator.

Each CCTV operator has a further two monitors which are for admin and interface with our powerful YourSight fault reporting and communication software platform.

CCTV operator at Farsight


Here at the Farsight Observatory, Europe’s largest purpose built remote monitoring centre, we ensure that each alarm is looked at by a real person – a highly experienced and qualified CCTV security operative, and not much gets passed our eagle-eyed team.

Did you spot the intruder?

Here he is on the right of the screen, trying to blend in with the wall – which didn’t get by our team.

spot the intruder answer


Our remote monitoring experts are on hand to answer your queries and tell you about our cost effective remote monitoring packages, simply complete the contact form. Alternatively, feel free to give us a no obligation call on 0845 371 0101 or you can request a call back.

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