Spot The Intruder #3

Farsight spot the intruder


Can you spot the intruder lurking on this transportation sector premises?

Check if you’re right below…

It is estimated that 1 in 5 businesses are impacted by theft, vandalism and malicious damage – costing businesses £9.8 billion a year. Our article, is it time to rethink your business security? digs into the these statistics in more depth, but optimising site security whichever business sector you operate in is crucial to safeguarding your premises, assets and people.

According to a crime against businesses survey published by the Home Office there are an estimated 67,000 transportation & storage business premises across the UK.  7% of these are impacted by anti-social behaviour alone every year, before even considering losses due to theft or burglary.

CCTV remote monitoring is a cost efficient and effective security measure to protect commercial premises proactively.  See our ‘how CCTV remote monitoring works’ video here > 

This particular intruder incident happened this week at a Cheshire based commercial business operating across the transportation, supply chain and logistics sectors. Farsight’s highly trained remote CCTV monitoring team were alerted to an intruder on site, who they spotted and notified keyholders and the police services.  A police dog unit was on the scene with minutes to challenge the intruder and prevent the incident from progressing any further.

Where is the intruder?  The answer is here:


spot the intruder

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