Caught red-handed! Stoke-on-Trent burglar stopped in their tracks

Upholding security's reputation

Farsight’s remote monitoring services and vigilant operators have once again helped to stop a criminal in their tracks.

During the night of the 28th April 2014, operators monitoring a car dealership in Stoke-on-Trent witnessed an individual acting suspiciously. The individual approached the workshop’s roller shutter doors and attempted to open five of them.

Upon the individual trying to force the doors open, Farsight operators reacted immediately: the police were called, key holders informed and an audio warning was issued, stating that the police had been called and that he was illegally on the premises. The intruder decided not to take heed of the audio warnings.

The individual was unsuccessful in forcing open the doors, and left the premises. However, Farsight operators are always alert and ready to act upon alarms – an integral factor in this case, as the individual soon returned with an implement to force a break in. He then illegally entered the workshop.

Throughout the break-in Farsight operators kept both police and key holders informed about the events taking place – ensuring both parties were kept aware at all times.

As the Farsight team had rapidly informed police of the individual’s presence and suspicious behavior from the start, the police were able to react quickly too. The intruder entered the workshop, and within moments the police arrived – catching the burglar red handed!

After the incident, the police have requested footage of the break-in from Farsight. As always, we are more than happy to oblige and will be doing all we can to help.

This incident highlights the efforts Farsight go to, to prevent thefts, damage and criminal activity happening in the first place. That’s why Farsight issue audio warnings on sites that have audio-enabled equipment – it’s a huge deterrent and in the majority of cases intruders heed the warnings before causing damage. Farsight’s proactive approach to calling the police and key holders, however, highlights that when audio warnings are not heeded – criminals are caught!