Stopping intruders in their tracks

Latest incident : CCTV camera


The best outcome from any break in is that no lasting damage is caused, and nothing was stolen. In one CCTV incident we responded to this month, the quick actions of the Farsight team meant the criminals were detained before any damage was possible.

The incident

On the 7 February 2016 at approximately 17:25, 3 individuals illegally accessed a factory in Stoke on Trent. They gained access to the closed site, but were quickly detected by a Farsight operator, who issued a live audio announcement to the individuals.

The result

Following the audio announcement, the operator then swiftly called the site keyholder and Police to provide support. Both units were on site at the factory within ten minutes, detaining the 3 individuals and securing the location. Following the incident, the keyholder confirmed the site and its contents had not been damaged, and the site remained secure.

Following the quick actions of Farsight, the individuals were quickly detained, the authorities were on site within in minutes, and no damage was caused to the factory.