Back down to earth for these two intruders

Building site CCTV

Construction sites require very specific and effective security. Expensive vehicles, machinery, tools and materials may be left on site overnight.

In fact, the 2015 Commercial Victimisation Survey, produced by the Home Office and released in April 2016, revealed that one fifth of the construction businesses surveyed had experienced crime in 2015: mostly theft and burglaries.

On top of that, there are often construction site areas that pose a health and safety risk to those without the right training or PPE.

All in all, for the protection of valuable assets and to improve health and safety, construction site security must be a priority.

This incident, recently dealt with by Farsight operators, highlights the importance of CCTV and remote monitoring for construction sites for those very reasons:

The incident

Farsight operators started the year as eagled eyed as ever when they spotted two individuals trespassing on a site at 01:18 on Monday 2 January 2017.

The restricted building site, located in Kingston Upon Thames in London, requires high levels of security – a former cinema and bingo hall, the building is currently being redeveloped into flats.

Astonishingly, the two individuals were seen scaling scaffolding at the site. Not only was there an immediate threat of theft or vandalism to the site but the individuals were also putting their safety at risk.

The result

A quick-thinking Farsight operator issued an audio announcement and called the police and the key holding company for the premises.

The police arrived on site and later notified Farsight that two individuals had been arrested. Farsight’s first arrests of 2017!

The importance of construction site security

In this incident remote monitoring and properly installed CCTV led to the successful arrest of individuals illegally entering a restricted site. Without remote monitoring the two intruders could have continued to navigate the site, potentially accessing valuable materials.

However, the individuals were also putting themselves at risk. Without the intervention of police – as a result of Farsight’s call – the incident could have ended very differently.

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