Unemployment and Crime: Farsight statistics show security must remain a priority

Farsight Security Services RVRC

This month we released our latest police call-out statistics to reiterate the importance of security systems. Even with unemployment in the UK decreasing, it’s no reason to become complacent: regardless of the economic climate, our experts emphasise that security remains a necessity.

The Office for National Statistics released its latest employment figures in February, showing a decrease in unemployment of 1.2% – representing a continued decline since hitting a 17-year peak at the end of 2011.

Traditionally, experts have linked unemployment and lack of disposable income to increased crime rates. However, our statistics argue otherwise and contradict this theory. Our figures over the past three years have shown the average number of police call-outs, per site, consistently remaining between 1 and 2.

Ironically, in the shortest month of February and when lower unemployment figures have been released, here at Farsight we had one of our busiest months with three arrests made in the first three weeks of the month. That is almost double our average arrest rate over the past three years.

Malcolm O’Shea-Barnes, our Senior Operations Manager, says: “It’s dangerous to assume that lowering unemployment means lower crime rates. There’s no real synergy between the two, as our call out statistics for the past three years reflect.”

“Security monitoring systems are often regarded as a grudge purchase but we see time and time again how our monitoring can save companies a small fortune through crime prevention. Three potential crimes have been averted this month and arrests made. This is proof, if it was needed, that security systems are as essential now as ever and they do pay themselves many time during the course of their lifetime.”

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