Vehicle Theft Foiled By Farsight CCTV Remote Monitoring


This past weekend saw Farsight’s CCTV operators jump into action to foil an attempted vehicle theft at a luxury car dealership forecourt in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Farsight’s CCTV remote monitoring team were alerted to an intruder on the forecourt after dark, with criminal intentions – vehicle theft. They quickly reacted calling in keyholders and the police. Thanks to constant communication with Farsight’s Category II RVRC central monitoring station, the police were able to gauge the thief’s exact position on the site and were able to approach with stealth.

Car dealership forecourts face constant threats from thieves as vehicle thefts surge with no sign of this changing any time soon.  The Association of British Insurers puts the costs of vehicle thefts and thefts from vehicles at a mammoth £376 million per year.   It is not just whole car thefts either, the stolen car parts industry is booming too which we outlined in our recent article: A vehicle is stolen every nine minutes in the UK.

A vehicle is stolen every nine minutes in the UK

Latest crime statistics released show that 150,000 cars were stolen in 2018/19 from across the UK.  These figures are the result of data supplied by police forces across the UK which show a wide variance by region.  For example:

Six forces recorded more than double the number of vehicles stolen between 2014-15 and 2018-19. The highest increase were Suffolk (172%), Surrey (133%) and West Midlands (121%). However, in numbers of vehicles stolen the Metropolitan Police recorded a staggering 30,773 vehicle thefts with West Midlands topping 10,372 thefts in 2018-19.


Read the full article: Just How Many Cars Are Stolen In The UK?

How many vehicles are stolen in the uk?

Optimising security remains are crucial challenge for car dealerships, and CCTV remote monitoring can be an effective security measure in their arsenal – as this incident highlights.

How Does Farsight’s  remote CCTV monitoring work?



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