Farsight’s alarm monitoring service is the ideal solution for those looking to protect their property, whether a business or a home, from intruders and the risk of an undetected fire.

Monitored intruder systems and remote fire alarms provide your home or business with peace of mind protection against unwanted visitors and disaster. With a remotely monitored alarm system, you can be assured that there is always a reactive professional ready to respond in the case of an emergency.

  • Homes: On leaving your house for the day and setting your home alarm you are assured that a Farsight operator is actively monitoring your systems to ensure rapid fire detection and prevent unwanted intruders. Should your home alarm be triggered whilst remote monitoring is activated, Farsight will act quickly to get in contact with:
    • yourself or nominated managers or individuals
    • the identified keyholder for your property
    • the emergency services relevant to your detected issue
  • Commercial properties: It is common practice for commercial properties, such as offices or shops, to securely lock the premises at the end of the working day. To ensure the safety and security of your business after your keyholders have left, you will immediately want to know if someone has attempted unauthorised access to your property or if a fire is causing risk to your location. With a remotely monitored intruder and fire alarm system, any trigger of the alarm will ensure our Farsight operators will contact you, any listed keyholders and the relevant emergency services.
  • A site or property in need of both CCTV and alarm monitoring services: There are plenty of domestic and commercial locations that would benefit from having both remotely monitored CCTV and fire and intruder alarms. Due to fire and police services in the UK requiring emergencies to be visually verified after an alarm has been triggered, this combination of security methods is considered the most effective method for your property.
    Not only will a combined CCTV and alarm monitoring service keep you informed about intruders and fire detection, but you’ll also be able to keep watch via our remote monitoring application for a full security alarm monitoring service. Find out more about our CCTV services.

Why choose a fire and burglar alarm monitoring service for your home or business?

Fire and intruder alarms are a security necessity and provide peace of mind for your home when you are resting or sleeping. By investing in quality monitored alarms for your UK location, you can be assured that your home or business is safe and secure around the clock, whether you are there or away. On detection of a risk, we will immediately contact the emergency services and you or your key-holder, allowing a fast reaction to the suspected security issue and reducing the potential for damage or theft.

Why choose Farsight’s fire and burglar alarm monitoring service?

  • We answer alarms faster
  • We have more operators on shift
  • We use cutting-edge technology
  • Our staff are highly trained in reactivity and the identification of risks
  • We always provide transparency and reliability

Our fire alarm monitoring services and monitored burglar alarms across the UK benefit from the same level of quality and rapidity as our CCTV monitoring.

Whether an installer or a customer, by choosing Farsight you’ll benefit from the Sentinel Plus alarm monitoring system, which acts as a handy guide to immediate tasks for engineers and a management summary for customers.

Installers can find out more about the simple and easy way to bring new connections to Farsight including fire alarm monitoring requirements and more in our Support Page.

The highly personal service we provide is supported by technical backup from our own in-house personnel and our strategic alliances with major suppliers including BT RedCare, Chiron, Dualcom, Emizon and Webway. You can be assured that Farsight is one of the leading intruder alarm monitoring companies offering monitored alarm systems across the UK for both domestic and commercial locations, wherever you need us to keep watch.

Find out how our intruder alarm monitoring and monitored fire alarms service can benefit the security of your premises now. Contact us today on 0845 371 0101 or send us an email.