Lone worker protection is a major issue for employers. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, employers have a legal duty to protect their employees.

As per the above laws and regulations, employees who are expected to work alone or away from other onsite personnel need to be assured of a safe working environment where their security and safety is a priority for the business. With Farsight’s Lone Worker Protection services, it is easy to achieve that all-important peace of mind for your employees.

Our experienced operators have rapid response times and are highly trained in the recognition of unsecured situations. Responding to alerts, alarms and risks in a way suitable to the situation without compromising the security of the lone worker.

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At Farsight, we commonly get asked the following question by businesses of all sizes: Do I need a lone worker protection system?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then a lone worker safety monitoring system is a necessity:

Are employees ever expected to be alone onsite? If yes, all lone workers must be provided with a lone worker protection device or system, worn at all times, that can track their location and monitor activity

Do you work on a large site where employees are ‘out-of-reach’ and cannot be seen or heard at all times by a supervisor, manager or colleague? A common occurrence for maintenance and construction teams working on expansive locations. When it’s easy for employees to quickly fall out of visual/auditory range, they become classified as a lone worker and require additional security and protection

Are employees regularly travelling alone to or from sites during operation hours to meet with clients or consultants? This applies if employees are expected to travel by themselves during working hours, whether using public or private transport and meet with individuals outside the business. As the employer, you are still responsible for their safety and security and a lone worker monitoring device can be a peace-of-mind solution for both employers and their staff

Do members of staff stay by themselves on-premises before or after core working hours? For individual staff members that work outside of core hours and are normally onsite by themselves, a lone worker protection device can provide assurance of safety and security

Are employees working on the road or in different locations? Employees without a fixed location or those who are expected to travel around by themselves (such as sales representatives) face a different set of lone worker risks and should be offered lone worker protection for their safety

When conducting a lone worker risk assessment, always keep in mind:

At all times, employees who work alone should never be at any more risk than those who work with others. Always refer to the Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines on lone worker protection.

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How do ‘Lone Worker Protection’ Monitored Alarm Systems Work?


Lone worker protection systems are implemented by employers for their solitary or lone working employees in accordance with employment laws and regulations. Lone worker protection devices provide safety and security assurance for staff who work alone or on large sites where they are often ‘out-of-reach’ of other staff.

We can put together a bespoke safe working environment package, including the installation of panic alarms, supported by remote monitoring at the Farsight Observatory. Providing a cost-effective solution to ensuring safety and security around the clock for staff required to work alone or staff working on large sites that are out of reach from one other.

Here at Farsight, we support several major security devices enabled with GPS, GPRS and SOS functionality as part of our lone worker protection service. In the case of an emergency, staff can trigger the SOS button on their device should they need immediate assistance. This send the professional monitoring team at the Farsight remote monitoring station an alarm signal along with accurate map coordinates of the worker’s last recorded position on the GPS.

When an SOS alarm is activated, the lone worker security device establishes an audio connection between the device and our team. This allows observers to initiate two-way communication directly with the worker or simply listen to what is happening that may be preventing anyone in the immediate area being alerted to the lone worker or lone worker device.

If necessary, we will then dispatch emergency services to the last known map coordinates.


An additional security feature of many security devices is a man down alarm option. The alarm requires users to regularly check-in to advise monitoring stations of their presence and wellbeing. Should the user fail to trigger the device during a given time period, an alert is sent to the team in our remote monitoring service station to manually try to reach out to the worker and dispatch emergency services where necessary.

We work with a variety of large and small businesses providing bespoke lone worker systems across the UK. To find out how our lone worker monitoring system services could improve your security, your business efficiency and the safety of your employees, phone us today on 0845 371 0101 or drop us a line here