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The total number of reported crimes against the major UK business sectors (retail and wholesale, accommodation and food, transportation and storage, and manufacturing) in 2011/12 was 9.2million* with theft by far the major contributing factor. In 2012/13 UK retailers lost £2,206million through customer theft.**

These figures make staggering reading. They also beg the question, how many of these crimes might have been avoided by enhanced security monitoring?

Every year we protect millions of pounds worth of property remotely via the web and Internet-linked video cameras sited at our clients' premises.

We provide an unrivalled range and quality of security services in the field of remote monitoring. With daily reporting, quicker response times, and the ability to monitor for longer – all at no extra cost – we also offer a superior monitoring service to other providers in this marketplace.

Our clients range from domestic homes including footballers’ mansions and independent business premises to three of the country’s top five retailers and the world’s leading car dealership.

One of our largest client bases is security integrators themselves – the experts on the ground – who only want to deal with the best in the industry.

We answer thousands of alarms 24/7 across literally hundreds of sites across the UK. In an average month, we'll prompt numerous arrests and prevent tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage. Our dedicated and professional team answer alarms faster and spend as long as is needed investigating the cause of the alarms. Not only that, we have a growing part to play in health and safety with our remote security monitoring systems instrumental in preventing injuries and saving lives.

Whatever the size or scale of our client and their particular need, we treat it as we would if were protecting our own premises. Our fully trained security services teams are motivated and dedicated professionals who understand the responsibility of their roles.

With the rising costs associated with running a business, prevention and deterrent measures far outweigh the price of clearing up after a crime has been committed.

We welcome your calls or email – come and talk to us and we’ll be delighted to explain more.

* Source** Source

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