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Theft on solar farms is on the rise. Due to the increasing number of solar farms and the nature of the solar farm set up, these sites face a unique set of risks, including being targeted by opportunistic thieves.

The rising thefts of solar panel farms is an ongoing concern for farmers and landowners across the country. One farmer, who lost 192 solar panels to theft, was quoted in Farmer’s Weekly saying: “My advice to other farmers is put security higher up your priority list…I just wonder if this might be the start of a crime wave.” *

Following a further theft of over 150 panels in the summer of 2019** indicates that thieves are still targeting vulnerable solar farms. As more of the country is encouraged to move to green energy supplies, an increasing number of solar farms could still be at risk to intrusion, theft and vandalism.

How can you protect your solar farm from becoming the next target to criminals?

Invest in remote CCTV monitoring from Farsight Security Services

What is remote CCTV monitoring, and can it provide solar farms protection against theft and vandalism?

Remote CCTV monitoring provides cost-effective security for your solar farm and land when you need it. From 24/7 monitoring to overnight or only during your unstaffed hours.

On trigger of an alarm, live CCTV images are sent to our highly trained security operators working from the Farsight Observatory. Our professional operators identify suspicious or unusual behaviour and monitor unauthorised intruders on-site, alerting you, the landowner and/or a designated contact and the relevant emergency services.

Find out more about how remote CCTV monitoring works in our video

Exploring the benefits of remote monitoring services for solar farm security:

  • Remote monitoring works for you when you need it, 24/7, overnight or during unmanned hours
  • Signs indicating live CCTV monitoring placed around the site, deter intruders before they have entered private land
  • Live audio warnings alert trespassers to active monitoring and encourage them to leave before venturing further on-site
  • Operators provide visual verification to live criminal activity, ensuring a rapid response from emergency services
  • Efficient remote monitoring security provides reassurance, even when no staff are on site

At Farsight Security Services, we endeavour to meet and exceed the industry average standards. Supported by market-leading technology and an exceptional team of professional security operators who are experts in the recognition of suspicious behaviour.

Make flexible remote CCTV monitoring for solar farms work for you, saving you on employing around-the-clock onsite security personal and taking your security from reactive to proactive. Our remote monitoring catches and deters intruders and thieves in the act. Preventing the need to try and claim back after the theft or damage has occurred, which can be a lengthy and costly process without a guaranteed positive outcome.

Find out more about what makes Farsight Security Services different for installers and for customers and site owners.

Wind farm security services from Farsight

Our experience in the remote CCTV monitoring industry extends to more than just solar farms. Our extensive remote monitoring security services can be utilised across all types of renewable energy farms, including wind farms.

Wind farm sites, like solar farms, are established in rural locations, unmanned and therefore, vulnerable. These open areas can be a common target for vandals, particularly wind farms and remote CCTV monitoring can be your security solution for preventing targeted damage.

Keep unwanted and unauthorised visitors from your site and implement a comprehensive security solution that works for you today with Farsight Security Services.

For isolated sites with secure perimeter fencing, we can also provide a remote access control service, ensuring that only authorised personnel and vehicles can gain entry to the site, when they need it and only once authorised by our security operators.

Worried that a lack of connectivity for your isolated site will compromise your security? We are official resellers for the 4G CSL Router, providing instant, encrypted 4G connectivity for isolated farms and sites across the country. The CSL Router is a reliable and cost-effective method of providing consistent connectivity to rural locations.  Ensure your remote security works efficiently around the clock, even without a broadband connection, ask us about supplying a 4G CSL Router for your site.

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*You can read the full news article here.

**Two North Wales solar farms hit by thieves, read more here